Full screen mirroring of mobile phone to TV

Full screen mirroring of mobile phone to TV

As more and more people know about mobile phone projection, the problem of mobile phone image projection into the big screen instead of full screen has become a pain in many people’s hearts. AWIND, which launched a portrait projector in 2019, makes it easy for phones to mirror images onto the big screen and display them in full.

The main reason is that the display ratio of mobile phone screen is 16:9, while the display ratio of TV, projector and all-in-one machine is 4:3, so it cannot be displayed in full screen.

Conference machine

AWIND wireless presentation system supports portrait screen, the exact point is 0-270 degrees of free rotation. And then it goes like this. It’s easy to do a full screen display.

Note: AWIND wireless presentation system in the factory default is landscape, we need to set before portrait screen.

AWIND Screen Projector portrait setup tutorial

  1. 1. Wireless presentation systemis wired up, or the phone is connected to the it’s WIFI hotspot (keep the phone, computer and device on the same LAN);
  2. 2. Turn on the background address of the wireless presentation systemon the phone and computer (the background address of the wireless presentation systemis on the TAB at the bottom of the device, just like the router, which opens the browser to input IP);
  3. 3. Enter the default password of 12345678, enter the background — display Settings — 0,90,180,270, select the Angle of your choice, generally choose 90 degrees;
  4. 4. Save, exit, and restart the wireless projector (PS: make sure to restart it, its Settings will not work if you do not restart it).

The mobile mirror image is projected onto the TV in full screen

After the reboot, the mobile phone and the wireless presentation system are in the same local area. Android phone USES ESHOW software as the sender (the built-in wireless presentation system function is also ok), while Apple phone USES its own screen image as the sender and connects to the device. At this time, the mobile phone’s screen will be mirrored to the large screen and displayed in full screen.

Mobile phone vertical screen presentation

Note: Android phones have no sound after mirroring. No matter whose screen projection software/projector you’re using, the mirror projection has no sound on any expensive Android phone. It’s an Android phone’s security mechanism. It can’t be helped.

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