What are the benefits of upgrading wired screen mirroring to wireless screen mirroring

From wired screen mirroring to wireless screen mirroring

From wired screen mirroring to wired screen mirroring, we only need an AWIND wireless screen mirroring device. As a professional cross-screen tool and screen interactive device, wireless screen mirrors ushered in the “second spring” of old projectors.

Wireless screen mirroring

From wired screen mirroring to wireless screen mirroring connection

First: Connect the AWIND wireless screen mirror to the projector via HDMI or VGA cable;

Then: plug the wireless screen mirror into the network cable to enter the company LAN;

Finally: mobile phones, computers, tablets, cameras, high-definition video recorders and other intelligent devices can be synchronized with the projection content of the projector.

Wireless screen mirroring

The significance of wired screen mirroring to wireless screen mirroring

1. Wireless

Users do not need to use any cables between the computer and the projector to share screens and screen mirroring. This means that users no longer have to worry about wires during meetings or group discussions, which greatly improves the office efficiency of the enterprise.

2. Wireless sharing and collaboration

In the process of using the wireless screen mirroring device, the time of plugging and unplugging the cable can be saved, so that the file presentation is easier and more convenient. If users choose the wireless screen mirroring solution, they only need to connect the wireless screen mirroring device to the projector. On the sending end, whether it is a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer, we can directly wireless screen mirroring, turn on the conference speaker mode, and get rid of the “head down family” .

3. Solve the problem of traditional switch interface accessories

When using wired equipment for projection, you must ensure that each type of computer interface and projector interface has an adapted cable and converter, otherwise it will often happen that projection cannot be projected due to different computer models and lack of a suitable converter. When using a wireless projector, there is no problem with connecting to the interface and accessories.

Wireless projection

4. Compatible from VGA to HDMI

Many older projectors still in use are made using VGA technology. So far, VGA is an obsolete technology compared to newer digital standards such as HDMI. However, this does not mean that users need to throw away a working projector. AWIND odd machine takes this into consideration, so the AWIND odd machine wireless projector has VGA and HDMI dual interfaces, and no converter is needed.

5. Mobile phones and tablets can also be used for office

With the prevalence of intelligent office and light office concepts. BYOD [Bring Your Own Equipment] Office has been praised by many companies and users. An AWIND wireless screen mirroring device enables old projectors to also support new office modes, thus ushering in the “second spring” of old projectors.

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