Four computers are displayed on four large screens simultaneously

Four computers are displayed on four large screens simultaneously

A user calls to consult: “4 large screen wireless synchronous display 4 computer screen.” AWIND’s multi-screen co-display solution, like this user’s request, is easy to implement, and we can synchronize handwritten annotations on one of the large screens to the other.


4 computers, 4 display screens, 4 AWIND wireless projectors.

Connection method

  1. Connect 4 wireless projection devices via HDMI cable;
  2. Connect 4 wireless projectors to the router (switch) through the network cable, and set up a LAN — with line multicast; In the environment of WIFI coverage, wireless bridge can be directly formed LAN – wireless multicast. The user recommends the cable multicast.
  3. Plug the USB transmitter button into four computers and press the button — the images of the four computers are synchronized on four screens;
  4. Users can make handwritten notes and other arbitrary operations on the big screen, and the computer and the big screen can display the same content simultaneously — in this case, the screen control function is used.

On the basis of the screen to show more actually, if we have other mobile phone, tablet, notebook, computer and other intelligent device can also be as the receiver, such as in some large conference room, personnel too much, for the convenience of every participants can see picture, can take the tablet do the receiving end, we can synchronous display of the content of the big screen in tablet, thus solve the personnel too much, can’t see the picture of the problem. One set of wireless projection supports six people, and four sets are used here. That’s 24 phones or pads.

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