Firstly download the Windows Client from (https://www.qijishare.com/download-center/) PC connect to the box hotspot, open the client, click mirror.

Firstly scan the QR Code of box, download the corresponding system APP to your android phone, connect the box hotspot, and open the client for mirroring.

Firstly your iPhone connect the box hotspot, slide the operation interface and open Airplay, Choose the device WIiFi name for mirroring.

Connect the USB button to box for pairing, After pairing successfully, plug it out. Pls put the USB button to PC, the USB button will automatically starting, wait for around 10s, the PC will prompt: press for sharing screen. And then, press the USB button to start the screen transferring.

The distance between the transmitter and the host should be kept within 30 meters as far as possible. If this happens within the effective range, the USB key can be inserted into the USB interface at the end of the host and re-paired until the red light of the button lights up and pulls out.

Check if the screen projector (computer or mobile phone) is on the same LAN as the screen projector.

You can connect the hotspot of the screen projection host to the web background management interface to set the corresponding resolution.

This situation is generally caused by unstable signal. The distance between the transmitter and the host of the projection screen should be within 30 meters, and the host of the projection screen should not be placed in a closed cabinet.

The proportion of the long model between the projection end and the display end should be consistent. If there is any inconsistency, the screen can be adjusted and stretched in the background to the full screen.

You need to select an HDMI cable above version 1.4 to connect the host and the display

The default hotspot of the screen casting host is 5G frequency band. If the wireless network card of the computer does not support 5G frequency band, it cannot be searched. You can log into the web background management interface of the screen casting host through your mobile phone (most mobile phones support 5G frequency band) and set 2.4g frequency band.


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