Enterprise wireless projection presentation and collaboration systems manufacturers

Enterprise wireless projection presentation and collaboration systems manufacturers

AWIND wireless projection presentation and collaboration system allows all users to share content on the screen of the conference room. With the click of a button, the screen contents of laptops, pads and smartphones can be displayed on the big screen. All users can participate in the decision-making process more directly, which greatly improves the efficiency of meetings and solves the time cost for enterprises.

AWIND Wireless Projection Presentation and collaboration system advantages:

  1. No needing installation, no learning cost, easy to use.
  2. Solve the problem that the interface of the display device is not compatible with the interface of the laptop.
  3. Solve the problem that the signal line of the projector is often plugged and unplugged, reducing the service life of the projector.
  4. Convenience of free switching between multiple presentation screens by multiple people.
  5. Solve the annoying problem of needing to copy the meeting documents to the computer connected to the projector before-hand.
  6. It can solve the problem that tablets or smart phones cannot share projection.
  7. The mobile wireless projection demonstration is more lively and vivid, and the conference training speech is more wonderful.
  8. Use wireless technology to enhance corporate image and meeting quality.

AWIND Wireless Projection presentation and collaboration system features:

  1. The screen can be displayed with one click, and automatically runs without installing software to the computer.
  2. Play 1080p video without delay output.
  3. Through HDMI and VGA output, the output effective screen has the same proportion as the effective screen at the source (in case of different proportions, the problem can be solved by the one-button full-screen mounted on the device).

4, universal USB interface, support single mouse point reverse control, support touch screen multi-point reverse control.

  1. Support Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

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