The same is wireless screen mirror, enterprise-class screen mirror why so expensive?

The same is wireless screen mirror, enterprise-class screen mirror why so expensive?

Today there are users in the consultation, I reported a conference room the cheapest screen mirroring device price, but users still said: “Others are as long as a few dozen, you are willing to offer a couple of thousand? In the end, you do not understand or I do not understand? That thing to go to Huaqiang North to buy a, the top of the day twenty to thirty ……” and then I will not reply, I said very aggrieved. So are screen casters, why enterprise level so expensive?

Wireless screen mirrors

Screen mirror market itself is polarized

The market screen thrower is divided into home (consumer grade) and enterprise / teaching use (professional grade), in the price of the general consumer grade is a couple of hundred dollars, but the professional grade is basically a thousand dollars to start.

Consumer-grade wireless screen mirrors are generally small, easy to carry, but also because of the small size, so a single function, poor performance, not suitable for office learning and other environments.

Advantages: cheap, small, easy to carry, does not take up space.


1. Single function, can only achieve the display and cell phone screen synchronization function, can not be computer screen or other auxiliary functions.

2. Poor performance, screen mirroring is prone to screen delay lag, picture quality is not clear and other conditions, not suitable for office learning, conference rooms, classrooms or stage performances and other medium and large occasions, it is impossible to achieve multiple screens on the screen and multi-screen interaction.

3. Compatibility is relatively poor, for some cell phones or non-intelligent TV sets can not cast screen.

Wireless screen projector

Enterprise wireless screen mirror user, enterprise / school users account for more. In the product promotion of the brands, the enterprise meeting and multimedia teaching as the two main use scenarios of the wireless screen projector selling point to attract customers, and the wireless screen projector itself is simple to operate, no wiring can be cast screen function, abandoned the various drawbacks of wired screen projection, so bring rapid growth in sales. Enterprise wireless screen casting is widely applicable, is one of the necessary equipment for business education activities, powerful features and performance can save time and improve the efficiency of activities.

The same enterprise-class screen mirrors, there are differences in price, and also a lot. Take AWIND as an example.

Full-featured, multi-screen display, compatible with multiple systems and platforms, iOS/Android/Mac/Windows,, U disk loop playback, one cast more than one, presenter mode and exclusive mode, speaker mode to expand the screen, timed restart and switch on and off, cross-network segment cast screen code cast screen, touch back, remote centralized control management, etc., to provide the basis for efficient meetings, intelligent classroom cast screen security.

Stable performance, wide range of use, can be used for office lectures, stage performances, classroom lectures, comes with dual WiFi2.4G&5GWifI internal and external network isolation, cast screen distance, with ultra-clear picture quality, support long time use, of course, this long time is generally within 8 hours.

Wireless Screen Casting

Now it is 2021, according to the virtual age, AWIND is also 18 years of professional-level screen mirror manufacturers, no two brushes, it is impossible to survive in Shenzhen for so many years, no real hard products and services, we dare to say that the screen projector thousand dollars to start?


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