Does Mi box support screen mirroring?

Does Mi box support screen mirroring?

Nowadays, cell phones have formed a habit of casting screen to watch TV, and there are many mediums for casting screen, so today we will introduce to you how to cast screen with cell phones when you buy Xiaomi box.

Does Mi box support screen mirroring?

Xiaomi box settings

1, after the Xiaomi box and TV correctly connected, open the TV and Xiaomi box, respectively. Enter the Xiaomi box interface, use the remote control in the home page of Xiaomi box, switch to “Featured” and select “My Apps” below.

2, after entering the My Apps interface, you will see all the applications installed on the Xiaomi box, we find the “Wireless Screen Casting” application, enter the application.

3, after opening, we select the first column of “Xiaomi / install” option, and select the default “miracast”.

4, click into, will display the status of waiting for connection.

Does Mi box support screen mirroring

Does Mi box support screen mirroring?

Xiaomi phone settings.

5, in the settings interface of Xiaomi phone, select “more connection methods” and enter.

6, after entering, select the page of “wireless display” click to enter. Turn on the switch of the wireless display, after opening will search for Xiaomi box devices. If no Xiaomi box device is displayed, you need to check whether Xiaomi phone and Xiaomi box are under the same WiFi environment.

7, click on the Xiaomi box device to connect, wait for the system to finish connecting, you can display the Xiaomi phone screen projection on the TV. Operate the screen of Xiaomi phone on the phone, the TV projection will also change.

In conclusion: now the market is flooded with projection boxes, sticks, cheap, but the projection effect are general; the main reason is miracast protocol itself easy to spend screen, lag, mosaic and other problems, perhaps in a few years, will be able to meet our needs.

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