Do you need Bluetooth to cast?

Do you need Bluetooth to cast?

We all know that multi-screen interaction and Bluetooth are two different functions, so multi-screen interaction need to open the Bluetooth? I will talk to you first popularize the difference between Bluetooth and multi-screen interaction. Simply put, Bluetooth is the exchange of data, multi-screen interaction is only the display of data.

Do you need Bluetooth to cast

Do I need to open Bluetooth for multi-screen interaction?

Users who have used AWIND’s wireless screen casting device should know that AWIND’s strange machine is borrowed from Bluetooth to wirelessly transmit the sound of the Android phone to the big screen, [mainly because the Android phone will be shielded from sound transmission, most of the current wireless screen casting device manufacturers use the Bluetooth way to transmit sound].

That is, when Android phone users cast local audio and video through the wireless screen casting device, you need to open the Bluetooth function [AWIND Qi machine in the Android phone after multi-screen interactive connection, a Bluetooth connection option will pop up, the user just need to choose OK or cancel].

Apple phones, Windows computers, MAC systems and other devices do not need to pass the sound through Bluetooth when multi-screen interaction.

Knowledge dissemination.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that enables short-range data exchange between fixed devices, mobile devices and personal networks (using UHF radio waves in the ISM band of 2.4-2.485GHz). It is also a copy and paste mode, and the receiving end will also have this data.

Do you need Bluetooth to cast

Multi-screen interaction refers to the use of Flashlink protocol, Miracast protocol, etc., through the WIFI network connection, in different multimedia terminals (such as common based on Ios, Android, Symbian and other different operating systems on different intelligent terminal devices, such as cell phones, PAD, TV, etc.), can be multimedia (audio, video, pictures) content transmission, analysis A series of operations such as display and control can be shared on different platforms to enrich the multimedia life of users.

Simply put, the screens of several devices can be interconnected and converted through a special connection device. For example, the movie on the phone can be played on the TV, the picture on the tablet can be shared on the TV, and the content of the computer can be projected on the TV, but we found that there is no data record at the receiving end, that is, it is just a display on the big screen, which is the reason why multi-screen interaction and wireless screen casting do not have a history of playback on the big screen.

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