Multi-screen interaction is the most cutting-edge Internet technology and system

Multi-screen interaction is the most cutting-edge Internet technology and system

With the continuous updating and progress of IT products, mobile intelligent devices for wisdom education, conference office and the importance of daily life is self-evident, almost our work learning and daily life are inseparable from cell phones, pads, laptops and other mobile devices. Since it is a mobile device, the screen is certainly small, smart classroom all-in-one machine, led large screen, system integration large screen, home TV, office projection is a large screen terminal, so education and learning, meeting office and daily life work, how to make these small and large screen between simple and efficient interaction has become a problem. This problem, cell phone manufacturers are also actively trying to solve, such as the Android phone wireless display, Apple’s Airplay, although unstable, high latency, but can still be used, but to cast multiple mobile smart devices is a problem. Laptops to do screen casting, is generally connected to HDMI cable, not only trouble, switching is not convenient, for multiple computers at the same time screen casting, intelligent education teacher and student interaction to discuss learning and remote meeting briefing is a problem.

Multi-screen interaction is the most cutting-edge Internet technology and system

Awind wireless projection gateway is a small object that solves the problem of multi-screen interaction, allowing cell phones, pads, Windows, Mac computers to achieve interactive projection of TV, projection, etc. It is very convenient. Awind wireless projection gateway is a smart projection hardware + software, supports AirPlay, DLNA and other mainstream projection protocols on the market plus self-developed Mirrorop technology, so it can do 128 different mobile devices to wirelessly project the screen to the big screen.


First of all, it is a classroom environment to realize one-to-many interactive teaching, multi-screen interactive group cooperative learning, situational teaching, and efficiently carry out a variety of teaching and learning mode activities in the smart education scene. Through multi-screen control, HD recording, wireless terminal and other technologies, it provides support for the innovation of teaching methods. When teaching, teachers can control all screens with one key, which can realize teaching on the same screen, teaching on different screens, one-key projection and teaching content cycling to adapt to group discussion and other teaching modes.

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Secondly, Awind wireless projection gateway is more comfortable for multi-screen interaction in office scenes, for example, when we are in a meeting, the projection or TV used in the meeting room, if we want to demonstrate PPT or documents in a multi-person meeting, usually by connecting the HDMI cable for screen casting, each time the connection is wired is very troublesome, and if the data of colleagues on the phone can not be cast, or If you have a wireless projection gateway for projection, you can realize all the interactions between cell phone, computer and projection without the need of cumbersome adapter cables.

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Apple cell phones with Airplay function can be wirelessly projected through the wireless projection gateway, Android cell phones and Windows, Mac and other systems of computers, through the electric Mirrorop client software APP, you can quickly realize the wireless projection screen, think about the intelligent classroom teacher-student interactive learning and units of corporate multi-person meetings, different devices used between colleagues, without the connection of data lines can be How comfortable it is to realize interactive teaching and conference presentation and collaborative work.


Overall, Awind wireless projection gateway is the best solution to achieve multi-screen interaction, he realized the connection between different cell phones and different operating systems of mobile devices and large screen interaction, and the experience is very good, plus the body is small, good portability, even if you want to travel, you can carry, in education, training, meetings, lectures, or for life entertainment to put movies, etc., is a good choice.

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