How to connect vivo phone to TV

How to connect Vivo phone to TV

Vivo smartphones can be connected to the TV to watch videos and other operations through the multi-screen interactive function. The connection method is also particularly simple. The operation method of Vivo mobile phone multi-screen interaction: enter the phone settings-multi-screen interaction, and turn on the multi-screen interaction switch.

Through the [Multi-screen interaction] function that comes with the Vivo phone, this function requires the TV to have a screen mirroring function. If the TV itself does not support Miracast screen mirroring, the screen of the Vivo phone will be screened because the TV cannot be searched. Mirroring failed.

How to connect Vivo phone to TV

Today, the editor of AWIND will teach you an all-purpose mobile phone projection screen TV method, regardless of whether the TV supports Miracast projection, as long as the TV has an HDMI interface, we can mirror the screen of the Vivo mobile phone to the TV.

How to connect Vivo phone to TV

1. Connect the AIWND wireless screen device to the TV via HDMI cable;

2. The Vivo phone and AWIND’s wireless co-screen device are in the same local area network [plug the Internet cable into the wireless projection box and connect the phone to WIFI].

How to connect Vivo phone to TV

Vivo mobile phone screen TV method

1. Turn on the built-in multi-screen interaction function of the Vivo phone [Take vivoY67 as an example: enter the phone settings-multi-screen interaction, and turn on the multi-screen interaction switch]-Miracast projection.

Miracast projection features: use the projection function of the mobile phone to perform projection, but the projection effect is average, and occasionally there will be blurring and delay.

2. Select the local video on the Vivo phone-share-share to select the wireless projector ID-DLNA push screen projection.

The content of screen mirroring pushed by DLNA can only mirror the local video of the mobile phone, and the mobile phone needs to support DLNA function. Some VIVO mobile phones have this function, and some do not.

3. For Vivo mobile phone, download and install the projection software ESHOW [ESHOW Android mobile phone wireless projection software download] that is compatible with the AWIND wireless screen mirroring device on the AWIND official website.

ESHOW screen mirroring software has two modes:

and [mirror]. We can choose according to the content of the screen we need. If the screen mirrors local TV, video, and pictures, use the audio and video function, and the mobile desktop The whole is synchronized with the TV, then select [Mirror].

How to connect Vivo phone to TV

4. First open the video playback APP of our mobile phone [iqiyi, Youtube] and then in the program playback interface, there is a [TV] logo, click [TV]-select the ID of the AWIND wireless screen mirroring device, so that our mobile phone The program being played is now on TV.

This method is my favorite when I personally watch TV. After the screen projection is completed, we chat on WeChat, check Moments, and watch TV. It will not affect it. Even if the phone is dead and turned off, the TV will continue to play. In this way, if you want to end the screencasting, you must turn off the TV, restart the TV or open the APP again to end the screencasting before the TV can exit the screencast.

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