Conference tablet + wireless screen projector – the best partner

Conference tablet+ wireless screen projector – the best partner

Conference tablet as the rise of the network era display screen, is the traditional electronic whiteboard and projection “in one” of the new era of products, both to provide the traditional products of large size screen, but also to provide more excellent picture quality and audio transmission quality, but also with efficient interaction, touch operation and other functions. Intelligent, efficient is the label of the conference tablet, such products for the need for intelligent, digital transformation of enterprises and institutions undoubtedly has a very attractive certain use of value.

Conference tablet wireless screen projector

Conference tablet wireless screen projection

The intelligent change brought by the conference tablet first from its wireless screen casting function to achieve. The emergence of wireless projection screen, so that the conference room from the restrictions of the box, so that the meeting more “simple”, say goodbye to a variety of people busy interface and wiring, the current meeting tablet + wireless screen projector combination has become the best partner in the “field of business and education.

After connecting the conference tablet and wireless screen projector through HDMI cable, the computer, cell phone, tablet and other terminals1 can quickly transfer the screen, across the gap of different operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, etc., for multi-platform interactive communication.

The detailed operation of the conference tablet wireless screen casting is as follows.

1, the screen projector and the conference tablet through the HDMI cable connection.

2、Plug the USB button of the screen thrower into the computer, after the USB button’s transmitter lights up, press the button to cast the screen.

AWIND wireless screen thrower supports 16 end devices connected to the screen thrower background at the same time to take turns to cast the screen to the conference tablet (with Windows system control software) or 4 computers, cell phones, notebook devices at the same time (4to1 casting).

Conference tablet

Conference tablet wireless screen casting

Understanding how to wirelessly cast the screen is only the first step in contacting the many intelligent features of the conference tablet, AWIND also has a smart writing function: automatic recognition of graphics, a stroke to draw a standard geometric figure

With the support of intelligent writing function, two stylus can write at the same time, another 10-point touch, multi-point function support, gesture erase, zoom, move drag and other gesture operation function makes writing easier. More with the page annotations, meeting notes, scan the code to save and share the meeting content.


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