Conference tablet + wireless screen mirror-the best partner

Conference tablet + wireless screen mirror-the best partner

As a display screen emerging in the Internet age, the conference tablet is a new era product that combines traditional electronic whiteboards and projections.

It can not only provide large-size images of traditional products, but also provide better picture quality and audio transmission quality. ,

It also has functions such as efficient interaction and touch operation.
Smart and efficient are the labels of conference tablets.

Such products are undoubtedly extremely attractive and have certain use value for enterprises and institutions that need to undergo smart and digital transformation.

wireless screen mirror

Conference tablet wireless screen mirroring


The intelligent change brought by the conference tablet firstly stems from the realization of its wireless screen mirroring function.

The emergence of wireless screen mirroring has freed the meeting room from the restrictions of rules and regulations, making the meeting more “simple” and bid farewell to all kinds of messy interfaces and wiring.

At present, the combination of conference tablet + wireless screen mirror has become the “business and education field” The best partner in.

After connecting the conference tablet and the wireless screen projector through the HDMI cable, terminals 1 such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets can quickly transfer the screen, crossing the gap between different operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and conduct interactive communication on multiple platforms.

The detailed operation of conference tablet wireless screen mirroring is as follows:

1. Connect the screen mirrorer and the conference tablet via HDMI cable;

2. Plug the USB button of the screen mirror into the computer, and after the sending end of the USB button lights up, press the button to start the screen projection.

AWIND wireless screen mirroring device supports 16 terminal devices at the same time connected to the screen mirroring device backstage to take turns to screen to the conference tablet (with Windows system control software) or 4 computers, mobile phones, notebook devices at the same time screen mirroring (4to1 screen projection).

wireless screen mirror

Conference tablet wireless screen mirroring

Knowing how to wireless screen mirroring is just the first step to get access to the many smart functions of the conference tablet.

The AWIND conference tablet also has the function of smart writing: automatically recognizes graphics and draws standard geometric graphics in one stroke

With the support of smart writing function, two styluses can write at the same time.

In addition, the 10-point touch function supports multi-point.

Gesture operation functions such as gesture erasing, zooming, moving and dragging make writing easier.

It also has the functions of page annotation and meeting record, so you can save and share meeting content by scanning the code.

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