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Screen mirroring in the office, Awind  screen mirroring  provides a more relaxed way of working

With the large-scale popularization of mobile smart devices, more and more employees in enterprises hope to use their personal mobile phones, tablets, and computers to work. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device Office) has gradually become a popular office mode in enterprises. The emergence of enterprises has put forward new demands.


conference room wireless screen sharing solution


In traditional conference rooms, whether it is a projector or a conference tablet, most of them only have one HDMI cable or VGA cable, so companies have to prepare a variety of conversion interfaces, but even so, Mobile phones and tablets are still unable to achieve screen transmission . How to create a modern wireless conference scene has become the focus of enterprises.

As a safe and simple wireless presentation system, “AWIND” wireless presentation system stands out among many wireless presentation system products on the market with its unique performance, and becomes the best choice for enterprises to create wireless conferences.

Create a wireless meeting with ease

It is very simple to use AWIND wireless Screen mirroring. The receiving end has two ports: HDMI and VGA. As long as the display screen in the conference room supports these two signal inputs, directly use the VGA or HDMI cable to connect the large screen, and then the presentation system The host can be placed on the back of the display screen for concealment, which makes the conference room look more high-end.

The sending end supports smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers, DV cameras, high-speed cameras, and supports Android, IOS, Windows, MAC systems on the system… It can satisfy all the office equipment we like every day, and it is easy to use. It’s very simple. Android phones/tablets can use the built-in [Wireless Screen Mirroring] function to cast the screen. Apple system devices have their own [Screen Mirroring], and devices such as DV and Gao camera can directly use the hardware sender method. Do a screencast.

The AWIND wireless Screen mirroring device does not require extra operations. It takes about 1 minute to complete the projection operation for the first time, and the entire projection process is completed within 30 seconds afterward.


conference room screen mirroring


Advantages of AWIND wireless presentation system

Compared with other wireless presentation systems on the market, AWIND has two advantages:

On the one hand, the Screen mirroring performance: the Screen mirroring is stable and does not drop the line, and can be used for a long time; the picture is clear, and supports 1080P and 4K image quality on the display screen; the Screen mirroring is smooth and not stuck…

On the other hand, strong interactivity: AWIND focuses on the “business and education projection field” and does not make household products. It always insists that projection is only a prerequisite, and wireless sharing and collaboration are the fundamental requirements of conference rooms, multimedia classrooms and other fields. The fundamental reason why consumers are willing to replace wired connections with wireless projection.

In this regard, AWIND “adheres to everything from the user’s point of view”, and has set up an online technical consulting post. By collecting the demand feedback from netizens, it develops products that meet the needs of the times and the market, so as to achieve a win-win situation between user needs and corporate profits.

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