conference room screen mirroring

The large screen in the conference room realizes the wireless screen mirroring of laptops, mobile phones and tablets


conference room screen mirroring


In traditional meetings, a big feature is that we need to prepare various transmission lines, connecting lines, power lines, patch cords, etc., resulting in the conference room being covered with various cables, which is not only laborious to clean, but also looks very chaotic, and the efficiency of the meeting is also reduced. will be affected. Therefore, more and more corporate conference rooms need to support laptops, mobile phones, and tablet presentation screens.

How to quickly and easily display the computer, mobile phone, tablet screen on the big screen in the office?

Don’t worry, AWIND wireless presentation system will help you solve it at one time.

Supported Display Screens

It supports HDMI and VGA signal output ports. As long as the display screen of the conference room supports VGA and HDMI signal input, it can be directly connected for use, such as projectors, TVs, conference panels, and electronic whiteboards, which directly use a 50 cm HDM cable. Or VGA cable to connect the wireless presentation system host and display screen; LED large screen and LCD splicing large screen use HDMI cable to connect screen projector and video processor.

Supported wireless presentation Devices

Support mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers, DV cameras, high-speed cameras, endoscopes…

How to use:

Android phones/tablets can use the built-in [ Miracast] function to cast the screen or download the ESHOW Mirroring software APP;

Apple system devices come with [Airplay], which are supported by Apple mobile phones, iPads, and Macs.

Notebook and desktop computers can use the hardware sender, or download ESHOW software.

And devices such as DV, high-speed camera, endoscope, etc. can use the method of hardware transmitter for click share.

AWIND wireless presentation device does not require extra operations. It takes about 1 minute to complete the screen sharing operation for the first time, and the entire screen sharing process is completed within 30 seconds afterward.


meeting room wireless sharing solution


Advantages of AWIND wireless presentation system

AWIND was established in 2003 and has been focusing on wireless sharing and collaboration in the field of business and education for 19 years. The products have complete functions and superior performance, such as stable screen sharing, low latency, high definition, multi-device compatibility, and simple operation… These basic things are not Having said that (support for 7-15 days free trial, it is up to you to decide whether to use it or not), Awind Inc. always believes that wireless screen sharing is only a prerequisite, whether it is a conference room office or a multimedia classroom teaching, the presenter can Handwriting, annotation, free wireless sharing, and demonstration on large and small screens are the fundamental requirements. Therefore, most of the time, suitable products are recommended according to user needs, and then shipped to users for trial.

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