Conference room screen mirroring system

How to use the screen mirroring in the meeting room and the steps of the screen mirroring solution during a meeting

Description: For many companies, meetings are unavoidable, especially now that the end of the year, various meetings one after another, endless, then how to use the meeting screen mirroring? What are the steps of the screen mirroring plan during a meeting? Let Awind introduce to you.

  The simple way to realize screen mirroring in meeting room

Wireless routers are deployed in the conference room, and the number of wireless accesses is selected according to the seats

There is a tablet computer on the conference table, the most ideal is a windows tablet or an Android tablet. The cost of ios is high, and many file formats are not convenient to use in the ios environment, so they are ignored here. Each plate has a stand.

MirrorOp software client is pre-installed on these tablets.

Connect these tablets to the wifi of the local area network and join the same meeting.

How to use the meeting screen projection screen mirroring program steps during a meeting

Conference screencast

Then you can see the screen synchronization demonstration, and support switching interaction. It’s as simple as that, the conference room projection is deployed, and you only need to click the shortcut icon of the screen mirroring software to immediately enter the conference room projection state.

  How to use conference screen mirroring

For example, your mobile phone and screen computer:

Download a “RenYiPing” software on both mobile phones and computers, and go to the application market from the mobile phone to the windows version of RenYiPing’s official website;

Connect the mobile phone and computer to the same network, which can be a wireless connection or a wired connection;

Open the Renyiping software on the mobile phone, check the “Computer” device in the main interface of Renyiping, and select the screen to cast screen.

At the same time, this software can be used on mobile phones, tablets, computers, TVs, boxes, and projectors. You only need to install the software version corresponding to the device.

   Screencasting program steps during a meeting

How to use screen mirroring in conference room? Plan steps during a meeting

Meeting room screen mirroring

Set up a local area network so that the equipment of the conference personnel can be connected (connect to the same wifi), and install the Renyiping software on the equipment that needs to be used (download from the mobile phone application store, download the PC version from the official website, and download the projector. TV version), start Renyiping, the person who needs to project the screen selects the target device in the Renyiping interface, and clicks “Screen mirroring” below to project the screen content of their device to other screens.

The next person who needs screen mirroring can do the same as above. If you need to share the content on the large screen of the projector to your mobile phone or computer, check the projector on the screen of your own device and click “Share” below. complete.

The development of science and technology is bound to make office methods more concise and efficient. It’s time to say goodbye to traditional high-cost meetings

The above is the content of the conference screencast that Awind introduced to you. After reading the introduction of the editor, everyone will use it. If you want to learn more, please pay attention to this site.

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