Laptop wireless extension to conference machine solution

Laptop wireless extension to conference machine solution

Q: “I read your online before that you can extend the computer to cast the screen to the big screen in the conference room, right?”

“Yes, our (AWIND Qi Machine) wireless screen thrower has two modes of screen copy and screen extension.”

Laptop wireless extension to conference machine solution

Q: “I’ll start with my demand, you guys see if it’s possible, we need 4 laptops to extend the screen to the conference machine at the same time, that is, the four split screen display.”

“You have this demand we have two devices to meet, one is the conference A-810 (a box plus 2 buttons), but you need to buy two additional HDMI buttons on your side; another is to use our education series WIPG-1600W, education series is the need to install the sending end of the software on the computer, you see which one is more suitable? ”

Q: “What about the price? Which one is cheaper?”

“The price of the education series is a little more expensive, so I’ll send you the quotation and product data of both devices.”

Then after a while ~

Q: “Which one do you think is better?”

“Is your conference room mainly for your own internal staff to use or for your customers to use? If it is mainly used by your own company content personnel, WIPG Education Series is more appropriate, and if it is used by outsiders, the button is more convenient, after all, plug in the button can be used, without spending time downloading and installing software, not to mention, now some people are also reluctant to download software.”


Q: “So which one is 1600 and how do I use it? You probably tell me a little bit about it.”


“WIPG series of products are only a box, the receiving end of the software approach.

1、Connect the screen projector and the conference machine with HDMI cable.

2、Plug the screen projector into the Internet cable, built-in into the company’s LAN.

3, the computer to download, install the special send side of the software, and then start the software, I saw before you said you need to extend the cast screen, there is a settings (gear) icon in the upper right corner of the software, select the screen expansion on it. ”

Q: “Does that software cost money?”

“Sending end software our official website – information download – sending end – MirrorOp free download, my side can also give you directly an installation package”

Q: “If it’s not working well, can I return it?”

“Well, all the wireless screen casters of AWIND Qiji support free trial for 7-10 days, and within one year product quality problems, only replacement not repair. And now Jingdong is not also 7 days no reason to return it, I give the link to Jingdong, you directly shoot a good.”

Q: “Okay, thanks!”

“You’re welcome, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”

Laptop wireless extension to conference machine solution

This is a user who requires a computer to be extended to a large screen. As people understand screen casting technology, more and more people prefer to choose the extended mode instead of the traditional screen copy. The advantage of screen extension is that we can specify the content to be shared with a higher privacy and security factor.


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