Computer wireless projection multi-screen interactive scheme

Computer wireless projection multi-screen interactive scheme

AWIND multi-screen co-display technology and multi-screen hetero display technology can meet the user’s requirement of multi-screen simultaneous display or single screen display of specified content when we put computer screens onto multiple display screens. The problem is that most of the current user needs are: computer content is projected on the big screen, the presenter makes handwritten annotations on the big screen, and the content on the big screen (computer screen + handwritten annotation content) is synchronously displayed on the remaining sub-screens.

Smart education

Introduction of intelligent education program of AWIND

The scheme is mainly to support large screen and [4] students group screen screen more interactive, on the one hand, students can independently of the wireless screen used independently to the respective team screen, on the other hand, the teacher screen can choose any one or more students the content of the screen, facilitate teacher real-time understand each group’s discussions. The interaction between teacher’s screen and student group’s screen and the interaction between student group members’ PAD screen and student group’s large screen is realized.

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