Computer screencast Share intranet information

AWIND wireless presentation device, computer projection_sharing the new function of intranet information is officially launched, when we project the computer to the big screen through the projection box, other smart devices in the LAN (mobile phone, tablet, computer ) Can also accept the screen, truly realize computer screen projection_share intranet information.

Conference wireless presentation

The details are as follows:

1. Connect the projection box to the large screen through the HDMI cable. At this time, the standby screen of the projection box is displayed on the big screen;

2. Plug the internet cable into the projection box and enter the company LAN;

3. The computer casts the screen to the big screen, which makes the contents of the big screen appear as computer screens;

4. Other devices in the local area network receive computer information and display it simultaneously (other devices need to install the receiving end software, or open the browser and enter the receiving end IP address).

When we tested it, 8 other devices were used for reception, and the effect was not bad.

To emphasize, the receiving end must be a smart device, because the receiving end needs to meet two conditions: it can be connected to the network (local area network), the receiving end APP can be installed or the browser can be opened. The sending end can be any of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers, and supports 4 devices to cast screens at the same time, and then share them at the same time.

The manager of AWIND’s technical department said: We have accumulated 17 years of experience in separate conference room projection and multimedia classroom projection. Basically, we have been able to meet the needs. Next, we need to deal with complex meeting room scenes and users. All kinds of whimsical plans.

AWIND odd machine online technology sends out invitations to wireless projection friends across the network. Whether you are a wireless projection industry person or a staff member who needs wireless projection, you can discuss with our online technology. AWIND’s corporate purpose is “all from the user’s point of view”, and brainstorming can be better developed.

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