Computer screen sharing large screen reverse control mobile phone, tablet

Computer screen sharing large screen reverse control mobile phone, tablet

There is user feedback: “One device of your wireless presentation system can control 8 mobile phones and tablets in reverse, so if I use more devices, can I control 8 more mobile phones and tablets?”  The editor can only say that this is theoretically possible, but the stability is not enough after testing.

As a 19-year-old commercial screen sharing manufacturer, the stability of screen sharing is always in the front. Whether it is in a business conference room or a multimedia classroom, the stability of the screen sharing is not enough, which will greatly affect the user experience. Brand manufacturers, this is a matter of smashing signs. The solution we recommend to users must be mature and stable, that is, at present we can only achieve computer screen sharing and large screen synchronization with 8 mobile phones and tablets at the same time

Computer screen sharing large screen reverse control mobile phone, tablet test

Hardware preparation: 1 computer, 2 AWIND screen sharing, 12 Android mobile phones and tablets, 2 large display screens (one for all-in-one and one for projector), and two HDMI cables.

Step 1: Use the HDMI cable to connect the screen sharing host and the display screen respectively;

Step 2: Do a good job of multicast settings to achieve one sending and two receiving;

Step 3: Plug the sending end of the screen sharing into the computer, so that the computer can cast two large screens at the same time;

Step 4: Mirror to 12 Android phones and tablets.

Step 5: This is to enable one computer to cast a large screen and synchronize it to 12 mobile phones and tablets at the same time, but the delay is a bit large, and it is easy to drop the line. It can only be said that it can be achieved, but the solution is not mature enough. In view of the corporate tenet of “users have needs, strange machines have solutions”, this kind of test also provides a direction for our follow-up research and development. Maybe in the near future, we can realize this kind of demand.

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