How to add wireless presentation to projectors in corporate conference rooms to start efficient meetings

How to add wireless presentation to projectors in corporate conference rooms to start efficient meetings

How to quickly and conveniently display the laptop screen on the display terminal in the application of business office conferences can be said to be a problem that every company has to face. According to the traditional conference mode, considering the consistency of the participants’ laptop interfaces, The conference table is full of various signal adapters, VGA cables and HDMI signal cables. During the conference, it is not only unable to meet the simultaneous projection and display of multiple participants’ laptop images, but also to quickly switch the laptop projection of each participant. Display is very difficult, because you have to take turns inserting the signal cable into the laptop computer that needs to be projected, and the connector of the signal cable can’t stand this kind of tossing. Over time, hidden dangers will come, not to mention the clean and tidy of the entire conference room. The emergence of wireless presentation  perfectly solves this problem.

hardware preparation

Computer (any model, brand), projector (any model, brand), AWIND  commercial wireless presentation, one HDMI cable (50 cm)

First: connect the wireless presentation system host and the projector through an HDMI cable;

Then: plug the sending end of the wireless presentation system into the computer, until the indicator light of the sending end of the wireless presentation lights up, press the button. (The transmitter of the wireless presentation has three interfaces: USB/HDMI/TypeC, so don’t worry about matching)

In today’s corporate conference rooms, especially some high-end business conference rooms, as an important place for business meetings, convenient and efficient meetings are particularly important. How to choose a good wireless screen mirroring solution for conference rooms to save unnecessary and The time spent dealing with tools creates a good image for the enterprise that focuses on efficiency, and quietly reverses the situation in the thrilling business battle, thereby winning the trust of customers

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