How to make the speakers and TV separate when computer screen mirroring

How to make the speakers and TV separate when computer screen mirroring

I don’t know why so many users of the show recently came to consult, this morning there is a user said that the computer cast screen to the all-in-one machine, how to do the speakers and TV screen separate! After a detailed understanding, the user is the need for a large screen to display the content of the cast screen, and the function of the audio to send the sound of the cast screen, the need for sound and picture synchronization.

Computer screen mirroring

AWIND strange machine wireless screen mirror at the time of design for such large meetings, exhibitions, products in the wireless screen casting equipment comes with 3.5MM audio output hole, as long as the audio and wireless screen casting box connected to do the sound and screen separation, the principle is the same as cell phones plugged into the headphones, external sound natural off.

As for the need to screen a sound synchronization this is not a requirement at all, with the improvement of network communication technology, wireless screen mirroring delay in the normal network environment, the general region 30 milliseconds, fully able to meet the needs of today’s users.


While meeting the basic functions: but also to enable multiple PC computers, IPAD, tablet PCs, mobile teaching media, intelligent (Apple, Android) cell phones in the use of a wireless screen thrower premise, to achieve a large screen LCD LED on the mobile sharing to explore the study, to achieve the ultimate goal of wireless sharing collaboration.

AWIND strange machine wireless screen mirroring using switchable dual-band (2.4GHz or 5GHz) signal, not only easy to use, but also allows users to demonstrate, multi-screen interaction and collaboration with any type of equipment.

Intelligent handwriting: wireless projection screen with intelligent conference projection screen, we can directly handwritten annotations, independent patented touch pen, writing silent, no noise interference; pressure-sensitive pen blade, handwriting round and powerful, restore the real notes; 10-point touch, single-point writing, touch precision ≤ 2mm; compared to the traditional whiteboard with unlimited layout, add pages at will, 3 kinds of intelligent gesture board erase mode, fine erase the advantages.

Wireless screen casting: 1080P high-definition display, support 128 devices simultaneously access the background, support 4 split screen display, multiple devices for interactive screen casting, the ultimate display, multi-channel screen casting, free manual switching.

Casting mode self selection: wireless screen casting mode can be self selection [mirror] casting, or [screen] expansion, mirror is also the same as the computer screen and the big screen, extended screen casting, is the need to share the content wirelessly cast to the big screen, the big screen is our second screen, the difference is that this screen is public.

One click to clear or save: After the meeting, one click to clear the meeting record, to protect the information security of the enterprise or government; you can also save it with one click and add notes for next time.

AWIND Qi Machine starts with screen mirroring, but more than screen mirroring. With the scenario and complexity of future meeting mode, separate screen casting function is definitely the most basic demand, but multi-functional screen casting application will also become more and more important. For example, the more popular multi-screen projection display.

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