What if your computer doesn’t support Miracast

What if your computer doesn’t support Miracast

“This device does not support receive Miracast”, “Your computer or mobile device does not support Miracast”… This kind of computer popover is familiar to anyone who likes computer projection. The meaning of these pop-ups is so clear that they tell the user that your computer cannot miracast. So what if your computer doesn’t have Miracast?

In addition to the support of the system software, the miracast projection protocol of Windows8 system also requires the display card and network card of our computer to support miracast protocol. So it’s quite common for computers not to have support for miracast. And that was the miracast screen that came with Windows, which I couldn’t stand anyway.

Instead of thinking about the computer network card, graphics card and other hardware configuration, why not change our thinking? Our goal was never to get a computer to support Miracast, it was to get us a wireless screen projection. If my computer doesn’t have an Miracast screen, then I would give it a wireless screen outside the computer so that it could do an miracast screen!

When the computer is casting the screen wirelessly

  1. Connect the receiver box of the wireless projection screen with the large display screen through the HDMI cable;
  2. USB key is plugged into the computer to complete the wireless screen projection process from the computer to the display screen.

Relative to the Windows own miracast protocols, wireless voting screen device as a professional across devices, the moment we can see the mainstream of the electronic equipment can make a screen, AWIND odd machine cast screen wireless equipment on the hardware support for smartphones, tablet, notebook, desktop computer, on the system support Android, IOS, Windows and MAC system. The receiver is even less demanding, just give me an HDMI receiver and I’ll be able to cast the screen. The large screen, as the display side, must be an HDMI receiver. If it is a smart device that can install software, then install a receiver APP.

What if your computer doesn’t support Miracast? We just have to remember that the purpose of getting a computer to support an Miracast is a computer screen, and what does it matter whether a computer supports or does not support the Miracast protocol when we can specify a need, the fundamental need is that we can get a computer screen.

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