Computer cast screen TV lets you watch what you want to watch

Description: In order to give people a better viewing experience and the enjoyment of a big screen, people have invented screen casting technology. The most widespread application of screen casting technology is to cast the video from your phone to your TV. In fact, it is also possible to cast a computer to TV.
In order to let people get more viewing experience, experience the enjoyment of the big screen, people invented the screen casting technology. The most widespread application of screen casting technology is to cast the video on the phone to the TV to watch. In fact, the computer cast screen TV is also possible.

Computer cast screen TV

Computer cast screen TV

  Computer cast screen TV

  1, the characteristics of the cast screen

Photo projection, project your phone’s self-taken photos or videos onto the TV, and watch them with your family. Very clear and smooth. Have you tried double-clicking the picture? How about pinch pictures?

You can remote control Xiaomi TV or Xiaomi Box without remote control. Touch and swipe the direction, you can operate it with your eyes closed, ditch those analog remotes that require you to look down and up.

Movie casting, you can very easily find and search movies and cast them to TV with one click.

One-click app installation and one-click deletion. Managing TV applications is very convenient, no longer need to take the U disk to plug in and out.

  2, how to cast the computer screen TV

First of all, first use the computer and computer are connected to the wireless wifi. Open the browser on the computer, type in the search bar: fly screen software, and then click into the download and installation, then download and install a storm video TV version app software on the TV. After installation, open the app software and click on the fly screen in the pop-up page to search for a link to the computer side. Then click the plus sign on the computer side of the fly screen software to start adding videos, games and other files can watch the big screen.

Computer screen TV

Computer cast screen TV

  3, computer casting screen TV

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The content of the computer cast screen TV has been described very clearly for all friends, you can learn from the above to the computer cast screen TV method, I hope you can carefully study the above content, and as a reference for their own practice.

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