Computer wireless screen mirroring ESHOW software

Computer wireless screen mirroring ESHOW software

A Quora user said that he bought the AWINDA810 four-screen wireless projection screen and wanted to add 2 USB buttons. Because the A-810 product supports 4-screen projection, but a set of products only has 2 USB buttons, and a single button costs several hundred dollars, so the editor recommends that the user install the ESHOW software on the computer. Perform screen mirroring.

Computer wireless screen mirroring ESHOW software

Computer wireless screen mirroring ESHOW software

What is ESHOW screen mirroring software?

In brief, ESHOW is a free screen mirroring software that can be used with an AWIND A-series conference wireless projector. With ESHOW, you can easily connect your Android phone or tablet, or Windows computer, to the wireless presentation system, and share your screen with others in real-time. ESHOW is easy to use and install, and it’s a great way to make presentations or share information wirelessly. With ESHOW, you’ll be able to connect and share wirelessly without any hassle.

Currently, Android phones, tablets, and Windows computers can be downloaded for free on the AWIND official website, or you can scan the code to download and install it on your mobile phone when using the wireless screen mirroring device.

Great advantages of ESHOW software–CHEAP!

In fact, like the original AWIND wireless screen mirroring device, the sending end is software, because the software only needs to be downloaded and installed to use, which can greatly reduce the cost. AWIND insists on “all starting from the needs of users” combined with the needs of the current user population, adopting the mode of sharing USB keys and apps. People in the post-70s stage prefer USB keys, while users in the 80s and 90s prefer to use APP as the sender.

ESHOW software

Computer wireless screen mirroring ESHOW software

Wireless LED Display with ESHOW software

AWIND’s innovation is not only reflected in the hardware, but also in the software. The company provides two different methods of screen mirroring, one using a USB key and the other through an APP. This allows users to choose the method that best suits their needs.

The Wireless LED Display is a versatile wireless presentation system that can be used in a variety of settings. Whether you’re giving a presentation at work, teaching a class, or leading a meeting, the Wireless LED Display makes it easy to share your ideas with your audience. The system includes a receiver and transmitter, which connect to your computer and projector wirelessly.

The receiver also has an HDMI input, so you can connect it to other video sources. The transmitter has a USB port, so you can charge your laptop or tablet while you’re giving your presentation.

In fact, with the help of AWIND wireless presentation system, we can easily share multiple screens on one LED display or we can also mirror one specific screen to multiple LED displays. These functions can be used in business conferences, smart education, and other situations. Wireless presentation is not only just for homemade, like casting a Netflix to TV now, but it’s also more widely used in important and commercial occasions.

Actually, you can make a reference to the functions that AWIND can help you realize in the following links.

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Touch back control of the wireless presentation system

Not only a USB button

ESHOW software has more functions than the USB button. The USB button is just a sender switch. Press once to cast the screen, and then click to end the screen. The ESHOW software has four options: [Audio and Video], [Mirror], [Camera], and [Exit].

Audio and video: This is a streaming media playback function. Through this option, only audio and video can be played, but the effect is significantly higher than mirroring.

Mirroring: screen mirroring, Android phones and Windows computers mirror the entire screen on the large screen, and use the screen anti-control function of the wireless screen projector to conduct conference presentations.

Camera: Live broadcast. Take the mobile phone as an example. What we “see” with the camera of our mobile phone can be displayed on the big screen in real time. This is especially useful for the teacher’s teaching during the experiment.

Exit: Exit screen mirroring.

ESHOW software

Computer wireless screen mirroring ESHOW software

The dual transmitter composed of the combination of the computer wireless screen mirroring ESHOW software and USB has helped users to a great extent and avoided a lot of trouble for users. For example, in the case, the number of USB keys of the user is insufficient, or in actual use, the user forgot to carry the USB keys. At this time, using ESHOW software screen mirroring is also a good choice.


There are many benefits to using a wireless LED display. For one, it allows you to create a dynamic and eye-catching presentation that can be easily seen by your audience, even from a distance. Additionally, a wireless LED display is very easy to set up and use, and it gives you the freedom to move around the room without having to worry about cords or wires getting in the way. Best of all, a wireless LED display is very affordable, making it a great option for businesses or individuals on a budget.

So with the help of ESHOW software, along with AWIND wireless presentation system, we can easily make the screen mirroring easier and bring many benefits to our lives.

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