Commercial Wireless Presentation System

Commercial Wireless Presentation System

Commercial wireless presentation system are mainly targeted at “enterprise conference rooms” and industry markets. They are more stable and reliable, and can provide more diversified multi-screen interaction and interconnectivity and mutual control functions. For enterprise wireless screen projection, it is just a basic requirement, but more about wireless sharing, collaboration and presentation to facilitate meetings.

wireless presentation system A-200


  1. To meet the special needs of corporate conference rooms

For example, simple mobile phones, pads, laptops and PCS interact with projectors, all-in-one machines and LED screens. Advanced requirements: computer projection on multiple display screens; Multiple devices display a large screen at the same time. Mobile phones and computers also display the large screen synchronously on other phones and pads…

  1. More compatible

As a bridge of multi-screen interaction, the wireless presentation system needs to meet the needs of various systems and devices without restriction.

  1. Simple to use

When you buy a wireless presentation system to make your meetings more efficient. What’s the point of a device that can be a pain to use?

AWIND is one of the manufacturers focusing on “wireless presentation system of business and education” for 17 years. Just plug the screen projector into the laptop, tap it, and the screen will be transmitted immediately. The user can complete all the screen projection operations in 3 steps in one minute.

   4.terprise information security

Enterprise information security is greater than day. Compared with the screen projection software, the main advantage of the wireless screen projection device is that it is completely a multi-screen interactive tool without any program attached.

     5.Transmission is stable and reliable

There are problems with wireless presentation systems, but a lot of people overlook the stability of transmissions that are not wireless. Imagine meeting with an important client and finding a delay in the transmission of slides, or even a lag in the speaker’s rhythm.

AWIND machine with 2.4/5G rate of transmission “self-reliance”, with AP hot spot, even in the case of no network, still can achieve 1080P hd low delay output.

       6. Brand

If there is no relative profit support, where the quality of pre-sales, after-sales service?

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