How to choose the model of wireless presentation system

       As for how to choose the model of wireless screen presentation, AWIND mainly develops and produces wireless screen presentation in the field of business education. This paper mainly introduces the selection of wireless screen presentation in the field of business education application.

Mobile phone vertical screen presentation

  1. Do you need multiple people to screen at the same time

AWIND wireless presntation has A single screen (A-100/A-200), two screen (A-800), four screen (A-810,WINPG full series) display (explain: multi-screen refers to multiple devices displayed on the large screen at the same time).

  1. Interface to display large screen

Most large screens support HDMI ports, but older projectors still have VGA ports, so we had to choose according to the ports. The AWIND A-100 only has AN HDMI interface, and the rest of the device supports both VGA and HDMI.

  1. Whether there is a network environment (this network refers to the LOCAL area network, which is always the condition of screen presentation)

AWIND wireless Presntation, conference Series A products are supported in the environment without network (PS: whether mobile phone, tablet, computer can be used), WIPG education products must be used in the LAN environment.

  1. Are there any other special requirements

Special requirements need to be based on the actual situation, for example, some users need to screen the computer on multiple large display screens at the same time, some users need to screen the computer on the surrounding tablets, mobile phones at the same time……

Multi-screen wireless sharing
  1. Whether the sender device is allowed to install the software APP

I’ve seen so many companies where the difficulty of installing an APP on your office computer or mobile phone makes me wonder about my life. If the company’s office equipment does not support the installation of apps, then it is recommended that AWIND conference presentation, USB button plug into the computer, one click. Mobile phones and tablets are installed with the built-in wireless screen projection function, while iPhone phones and tablets are installed with the built-in screen image sharing function.

Of course, there are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing wireless screen sharing, which need to be analyzed according to the actual situation of the user. That’s all for now. AWIND has special online customer service and online technical support. If you need screen presentation, you can contact with customer service or technology directly. AWIND wireless screen presentation supports 7-10 days free trial, it is up to you whether it is good or not.