Can you project your computer on your TV?

Can you project your computer on your TV?

Can you project your computer on your TV? There are two main methods for windows computer to wirelessly project the screen to the TV. One is the projection that comes with the player, and the other is a professional wireless projection device. Depending on the method selected by the user, the result of the screen projection is also different.

Can you project your computer on your TV?

Can you project your computer on your TV

The built-in screen projection in the player: The current video players all have a screen projection function.

Advantages: The player APP comes with it and has video resources.


1. Not every TV program can be cast to the screen. Before, there were some video APP software in order to launch a matching TV box, and many programs did not support APP to directly cast the screen.

2. It can’t be played continuously automatically. In most cases, you need to click on each episode to cast the screen.

3. Insufficient stability, frequent disconnection, freezes and other bad conditions.

Wireless projection equipment: The original wireless projection equipment was a projection tool used in business meetings. Since projection became popular in the home market, many people use wireless projection equipment to project TV.

Professional wireless projection device’s advantage:

AWIND wireless projection supports three current mainstream projection protocols, Miracast, Airplay screen mirroring, and DLNA. Users can choose their own projection methods according to their needs. For example, for watching movies, we choose DLNA or Miracast, while casting and watching movies, while browsing Moments and chatting on WeChat, without interfering with each other; while playing games, we choose screen mirroring mode, big screen eating chicken, and “16” times scope. .

Can you project your computer on your TV

The wireless projection screen supports multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, notebooks, etc. for projection on the device. At present, Android phones have their own wireless screen projection function, and Apple phones have their own screen mirroring. The screen can be cast by plugging in a USB button on a computer or laptop or using the APP sender.

Wireless projection devices are more stable than projection software. After all, the original purpose of a formal projection device is for business meetings. Even if there is no lower limit on projection requirements for business meetings, it will not be enough for a home viewing .

Disadvantages: Users need to purchase a suitable wireless projection device according to their own needs.

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