Can Windows 7 do screen mirroring?

Can Windows 7 do screen mirroring?

A user asks, “Can Windows 7 do screen mirroring?”

A: “Windows 8.0 and above are only able to cast screens via the Miracast protocol that comes with it, so a Win7 computer cannot cast screens via the function that comes with it. However, it is possible to easily cast your computer screen to a large screen such as a TV, projector or all-in-one through a wireless screen projector. ”

Can Windows 7 do screen mirroring

Wireless screen casting for win7 computers


AWIND conference screen projector, easy to use, quality guaranteed

AWIND has been established since 2003 and has been focusing on wireless screen casting in the business and education sector. The product supports WindowsXP and all Windows systems where the screen appears. It is also relatively easy to use, just need to connect the receiver box with the big screen, USB button plugged in the computer, a plug and click between the easy to complete the screen casting, support 1080P and clarity display.

The role of wireless screen casters

The wireless screen thrower is the equivalent of a VGA cable that connects a traditional projector to a computer.

How a wireless screen projector works

The working principle of wireless screen thrower is to use wireless transmission to transfer the image and sound data from the computer at the sending end to the big screen [all-in-one machine, projector]. Previously, some people called the wireless screen projector screen casting technology as recording technology, by recording the screen of the computer, and then the recorded content in the form of wireless transmission to the receiving end, so as to achieve synchronization between the Win7 computer and the big screen.

Wireless Screen Casting Tutorial

Do all people using screen casters need to know about the product?

Of course not! Each person is an elite in their respective industry and the wireless screen casters are just a tool. The simplicity of use, multi-device compatibility and the efficiency of meetings with more convenient connections is one of the reasons why it is rapidly taking over the market.


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