Which is the best screen mirroring device in school class?

Which is the best screen mirroring device in school class?

The first thing that comes to mind when we see this question is that it is a wireless screen mirroring device for classrooms. According to the user needs to provide reasonable information about the product, since this is a school, then the household ones are ruled out. The home price is cheap, but can not meet the demand.

Which is the best screen mirroring device in school class

Q: multimedia classroom is not big, about how many students. For example: a classroom of 40 people and 200 people multimedia classroom certainly can not use the same equipment, right.

A: About 40 people, ready to set up a classroom equipment, and then in the school general monitoring arrangement of a monitoring system.

Q: about 40 people, a general teaching screen equipment can meet. Do you need centralized control? It is simple to mirror the teacher’s screen to the student’s tablet, classroom sub-screen; or do you need to carry out an interactive, who the teacher wants the screen to be displayed separately, several students screen comparison and so on operation.


A: The need for this interactive function, the teacher still needs some interaction in class.

Q: With centralized control can only go APP + small electronic, need handwritten annotations? That is, to write annotations on the whiteboard, there is a counter-control function. Does the teacher need to reverse control the content written on the whiteboard to the teacher’s computer screen, so as to project the screen to the students, or do the students directly watch the whiteboard.

A: The handwritten annotations need to be reverse-controlled, and the students only need to look at their own screens.

Hello, you need these features currently have A810 and WICS2100.

School classroom wireless screen mirroring device that is good? Similar to this aspect of the problem, AWIND customer service staff will not tell you how much better our so-and-so product is, according to the needs of users, to provide cost-effective products, is the purpose of our business. Otherwise, if you are a classroom screen projection, we recommend you a large business meeting products, you think that under the high price, still think this product is good?

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