Best screen mirroring for conference room solution

Meeting room screen mirroring, small and medium-sized meeting room screen mirroring solution

The AWIND small and medium-sized meeting room screen mirroring solution mainly provides 5G, WIFI and wired Ethernet screen mirroring for computers, tablets, and mobile phones; supports up to 9 devices, 1080P simultaneous split screen display; supports touch panel reverse control function; compatible with multiple The operating system and quick response enable employees of the company to effectively make presentations in the management conference room.

best screen mirroring for conference room

Screen mirroring in small and medium meeting rooms solves the following pain points of current small and medium meetings

small meeting room

1. The wiring is troublesome;

Use the VGA cable and HDMI cable to connect to the laptop to share data. First, not to mention the line and connector are prone to failure. Second, when replacing the sharer, you need to replace a lot of wires, which is really troublesome; wireless screen mirroring is wireless The way to share the demonstration wirelessly, there will be no trouble with wiring.

2. A single source of sharing;

You can only use laptops or other devices with video output interfaces to share. Other devices, such as mobile phones, PAD, etc., need to be manually copied before sharing; wireless screen mirroring supports mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and PC computers, etc., let the conference enter the BYOD (bring your own device) era.

3. Single screen display;

It can only display a single screen. If you need to compare data, you cannot display images or data from multiple sources at the same time. To solve this problem, the solution is to add a multi-screen “wireless screen mirror” to the signal input end of the conference room display system , Data comparison can be made clear.

AWIND’s screen mirroring solution for small and medium meeting rooms is specially designed for small and medium meeting rooms of enterprises. It supports sending end devices: computers, tablets, mobile phones, notebooks, etc. (compatible with Android, IOS, Windows systems); display end devices: electronic whiteboards, conferences / Wireless sharing and collaboration between teaching all-in-one computers, projectors, LED displays, etc. (regardless of the system, as long as they have HDMI signal input interfaces).

One-minute screen mirroring, AWIND small and medium-sized meeting room projection solution operation steps

1. Connect the display terminal device and AWIND wireless screen mirroring device through HDMI cable;

2. Insert the wireless screen mirror sender buttons (USB, HDMI, Type_C) into Android phones, tablets, and Windows computers. After the button indicator light is on, press the button to realize the phone, tablet, computer and display. Screen wireless sharing and collaboration.

3. IOS system equipment comes with [Screen mirroring], turn on the [Screen mirroring] function-select the wireless projector ID-connection is successful, and quickly connect with the screen mirroring receiver.

The entire process of program demonstration operations was completed within 1 minute, greatly improving the efficiency of the meeting, breaking the curse of “meeting 5 minutes, half an hour of preparation”, making the meeting process simple, efficient and intelligent.


The AWIND small and medium meeting room projection solution is the most innovative solution for BYOD meeting rooms. It supports 5GHzWIFI and 1000M wired interactive collaborative screen mirroring products, aiming to make mobile screen sharing easier.
Through wireless presentation technology, each meeting room is more intelligent and efficient.

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