Best Enterprise Wireless Presentation Systems

What kind ofwireless presentation  is more suitable for enterprises

wireless presentation system is to “real-time display” the screen of device A (such as a mobile phone, notebook, etc.) to another device screen B (computer, TV, projector, etc.) in the same local area network through the screen sharing protocol, and the output The content includes various media information and real-time operation pictures, which are often used for video projection, conference presentations, etc. So in the corporate conference room,

Best Enterprise Wireless Presentation Systems


Best Enterprise Wireless Presentation Systems

When it comes to the applicability of wireless presentation system equipment, we have to first take a look at the functions required for wireless presentation system in conference rooms.

  1. Simple and easy to use

The main purpose of enterprises purchasing wireless presentation s is to facilitate conference room presentations.

  1. Use without network restrictions

As a common product for corporate office conferences, wireless presentation s are generally used to access the corporate internal office network, but not all conference rooms have a network, so the use environment cannot be restricted by the network.

  1. Multi-device compatibility

Windows, Android, iOS and other smart devices are compatible, and the screencasting protocol supports the three mainstream screencasting protocols, Miracast and Airplay screencasting, and DLNA.

  1. The function meets the needs

With the development of wireless presentation system today, the common multi-device simultaneous sharing screen split-screen display, mobile phone, computer screen reverse control… According to your own needs, choose the appropriate model.

  1. Experience

Usability and ease of use are two different effects. Wireless projection is not easy to use, and it will greatly affect the office efficiency of enterprises. And this experience includes smooth projection, high definition, no disconnection, presentation…

The Best Enterprise Wireless Presentation Systems


“Because of focus, so professional”. Since its establishment in 2003, AWIND has always adhered to the corporate tenet of “everything from the user’s point of view” for 19 years, focusing on the R&D and production of wireless presentation system devices for business conference rooms and multimedia classroom scenes.

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