Best conference wireless screen mirroring system

Conference wireless screen mirroring system

Meetings are an indispensable part of the operation of an enterprise. If you often encounter the following situations, please take a minute or two to take a look at the meeting wireless screen mirroring system of AWIND.

best conference wireless screen mirroring system

Most meeting rooms now use wired connection projectors and use HDMI or VGA cables to connect to computers for sharing materials and presentations. At present, there are mainly the following pain points in use:

best conference wireless screen mirroring system

1. The wiring is troublesome;

Use the VGA cable and HDMI cable to connect to the laptop to share data, not to mention that the lines and connectors are prone to failure, and the wires are frequently plugged and plugged, which is really troublesome;

2. A single source of sharing;

Only use laptops or other devices with video output interfaces for sharing. Other devices, such as mobile phones, PAD and other devices, need to be manually copied before sharing;

3. Single screen display;

Only a single screen can be displayed. When there is a need for comparison data, images from multiple sources cannot be displayed at the same time;

Conference wireless projection system

If you have encountered the above problems, you can read on:

In response to the above problems, AWIND’s solution is to add a “conference screen projector, also called conference wireless screen mirroring system” at the signal input end of the conference room display system.

Conference wireless screen mirroring system: It consists of a receiving box and several USB buttons. Generally, the receiving box is connected to the projector through an HDMI cable, and the receiving box is fixed on the projector bracket. It is not too big anyway. No need to disassemble.

To share the presentation content on the screen of the conference room, simply connect the USB button to the personal computer, wait for about ten seconds, click the “share button” on the USB button, and the computer screen will be wirelessly transmitted to the big screen immediately.

If there are multiple people who need to compare data, the AWIND conference wireless screen mirroring system supports simultaneous connection of 128 people in the background and simultaneous output of 4 devices. 1080P high-definition display, low latency, can not be distinguished by the naked eye, through professional testing tools, if tested, the delay is within 1ms.

When mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets (iOS or Android systems are available) need to be shared, Android devices can download and install a dedicated APP (ESHOW) sender for free, and iOS devices can use the built-in airplay screen mirroring function to screen.

Wireless screen mirroring changes to meeting rooms

Conference wireless screen mirroring system

For the first use, because the projector needs to be connected to the projector, the entire process from the computer screen to the projector is completed within 1 minute.

In the follow-up, you only need to turn on the power, and then you can share wirelessly. The whole process is within 30 seconds.

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