Awind WP2200 Smart Education wireless presentation device

Awind WP2200 Smart Education wireless presentation device

        AWIND was established in 2003, specializing in the production, R&D of the wireless sharing collaboration devices of “business conference room” and “Smart Education”, as well as the realization of various wireless sharing solutions. This paper will introduce the current wireless presentation device- AWIND WP2200 in the Smart Education, Smart EDU wisdom classroom.

Awind wireless presentation device WP-2200

AWIND WP2200 Smart Education wireless presentation device

Wireless presentation of multi-platform terminal devices: It can realize wireless presentation teaching of Windows desktop computers, laptops, Apple Mac computers, iOS system iPad, iPhone, Android system tablets, and smart phones by the wireless presentation. It makes the connection cables of large screen ( VGA, HDMI transmission cables) I cables wireless. The teachers do not need to connect the VGA cable, HDMI cable to the laptop when teaching, and only WiFi is connected to the screen projector, wireless presentation courseware can be used.
Screen back control, walking teaching: The teachers can wirelessly project iPad, iPhone, Android system tablets and smart phones to touch all-in-one PC, and can synchronize the large touch screen to smart phones or tablets. The tablet computers and the smart phones can control the touch screen display. The teachers can touch the large screen for teaching or choose the courseware on the smart phones or tablet computers.

Interaction liberalization of teacher and student: The wireless presentation can make the teachers’ courseware and the students’ courseware mirror on the electronic whiteboard of all-in-one PC, which can be display 4 students’ courseware or 3 students’ and 1 teacher’s courseware at the same time, achieving the true free interactive teaching.
Free operation of multi-screen interactive podiums, handheld devices and large screens: After wireless presentation, the multi-screen interactive podiums in the classroom, teachers’ handheld devices (mobile phones tablets), touch large screens( podium screens), can display simultaneously and interrelate. The teachers can operate on any screen.
AWIND provides the wireless presentation device for the Smart Education, and is gradually being approved and accepted by the education industry relying on the excellent mirror technology. AWIND wireless screen mirroring are moving towards more and more Smart Education, providing the foundation environment of interaction, presentation, and collaboration for education, creating a real teaching experience.

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