AWIND wireless screencasting quad split-screen and nine-pattern

AWIND wireless screencasting quad split-screen and nine-pattern

Those who know Awind company should know that AWIND is a manufacturer specializing in wireless screen casting equipment in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Since 2003 until now. Today, the strange machine editor to wireless screen casting equipment, for example, to share with you, wireless screen casting in the four split screen and the difference between the nine grid display.

AWIND wireless screencasting quad split-screen and nine-pattern

In general, the quad split screen and the nine-box grid are, after the strange machine wireless screen casting equipment on the large screen display the number of screens. Four split screen refers to four devices cast screen, nine palace is up to nine devices at the same time display (up to nine see clearly Oh), what are the differences between the two?

Before talking about the difference between the four split screen and the nine-pattern display, we first understand the results of the display screen after multiple devices cast screen.

Through the strange machine after wireless casting screen, 1 device casting screen (full screen), 2-3 units casting screen (vertical 2 / 3 equal), 4 devices are four split screen, from 5-9 devices casting screen, are nine grid display, when the device 5 devices casting screen, there will be 4 split screen is blank black occupy, and so on.

AWIND wireless screencasting quad split-screen and nine-pattern

Wireless casting screen four split screen

AWIND strange machine wireless casting screen after four split screen and nine grid display the biggest difference is the operability and practicality.

Operability: four split screen and below, the screen size can be adjusted according to our needs. For example, if I want to enlarge one of the screens in the quad screen, I only need to click the screen to select it, and then open two fingers like playing with a tablet. But in the case of the nine-pane display, the screen size is not changeable.


1, the general business meeting all-in-one screen in the nine-part display, there is a sense of watching the monitor, easy to make people look at the eyes, but affect the effect of the meeting.

2, when a 200-inch large screen, was divided into nine, excluding the border, a screen only 22 inches, not as large as a computer display screen, sitting at a distance from the participants simply can not see the text, the picture is also blurred.

3, general business meetings have four split screen enough to use. Generally in the time of data analysis, but also two by two comparison, four split screen, select two screens, zoom in on the comparison, the other two small screen becomes smaller, and will not disappear, so that not only convenient for our presentation, and clarity to meet the needs.

All in all, under four split screens, is a situation that can be manipulated artificially, we call it centralized control, while nine split screens do not support control, generally used in areas such as monitoring.

A computer projection of 10 screen solutions

The significance of wireless screen casting equipment for meetings.

1. wireless screen projection mode effectively avoids the problem of cumbersome lines and effectively saves time for meetings.

2. wireless projector problems some problems, such as screen distortion, screen display incomplete, blurred screen, and other problems, wireless projection can be a good solution.

3. wireless projection supports screen splitting and multi-screen coexistence, which is convenient for page switching during meetings.

4. wireless projection support information back, you can control the computer by the big screen, and support labeling, wipe, save and other functions, which undoubtedly brings substantial convenience to the meeting.

AWIND wireless projection screen four split screen and nine grid display, is after a long period of market recognition of the display form. Since the market recognition, we have what reason to ask to change this display mode?

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