AWIND wireless screen mirroring makes your meeting room smarter

AWIND wireless screen mirroring makes your meeting room smarter

Whether the meeting is smooth or not often represents whether the operation of the company is smooth.

Many companies still encounter various “conference dilemmas”:

In fact, you only need a set of AWIND wireless screen mirroring device.

This solution is specially designed for small and medium-sized meeting rooms of enterprises. It adopts AWIND wireless screen mirroring device and a screen projector to realize wireless screen mirroring or software screen mirroring for notebooks, Pads, mobile phones, etc. Use smart pens to realize functions such as remote writing, PPT page turning, volume control, and screen control. Provides a Windows operating system, which can install and use application software on Windows to enhance system scalability.

AWIND wireless screen mirroring

The whole solution can realize the functions of wireless screen mirroring, annotation writing, scanning code sharing, split-screen display, etc., effectively solving the tedious work of pre-meeting preparation and post-meeting sorting, making the meeting smoother!

Wireless screen mirroring in meeting rooms

Display screen specification selection

The display screen currently has a variety of sizes of 65/75/86/98 inches. When designing the scheme, you need to choose according to the size of the actual scene.

A 20m² meeting room, with a seating capacity of 10 people, 55-inch screen is recommended;

A meeting room of 30m², with a seating capacity of 20 people, a 65-inch screen is recommended;

A 40m² conference room, with a seating capacity of 40 people, a 75-inch screen is recommended;

Meeting rooms larger than 50m², with more than 40 seats, can be used with an 86-inch screen.

AWIND wireless screen mirroring

Conference tablet touch all-in-one

The display screen supports two installation methods: wall bracket and mobile bracket.

1. Wall-mounted installation is used in scenarios where the meeting place is relatively fixed.

2. The mobile bracket installation method can move the display screen arbitrarily, so that any place can become a mobile office

3. Product highlights

Ultra HD display, delicate presentation

4K ultra-high-definition display; anti-glare design, the screen is still clearly visible under strong light; Mohs 7 special tempered glass, anti-fouling, scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprint; intelligent light perception design, automatically adjust the screen brightness.

Wireless screen mirroring, get rid of cable constraints

Supports wireless projection display of PCs, mobile phones, pads, and desktops through screen projectors, abandoning the complicated connections and redundant pre-conference equipment preparations of traditional conference room equipment, and supports four-screen split-screen display, which is more important when comparing solutions Intuitive.

Meeting room screen mirroring

AWIND wireless screen mirroring makes your meeting room smarter

Touch writing, no need to prepare a whiteboard

Built-in whiteboard writing software, you can write with your hand or pen, solving the problems of limited writing area and inconvenience of erasing on traditional whiteboards, and you can arbitrarily annotate and write in various documents such as PPT, Word, pictures, and videos.

Conference content, scan code to share quickly

Change the traditional way of recording meetings with pens, which can be shared by scanning codes or emails. You don’t have to spend time recording the content of the meeting. Focus on the meeting itself and improve efficiency.

Mobile phone becomes remote control, flexible

It can be controlled by mobile phones, PADs, notebooks, etc., for writing, remarks, presentations, etc., to facilitate the viewing and presentation of participants in the back row in large scenes.

Video conference to realize collaborative office

Supports high-definition video conferences through remote conference software and hardware, making cross-regional collaborative work more convenient.

AWIND was established in 2003. As a 17-year wireless sharing and collaboration equipment manufacturer, we provide you with a variety of equipment such as wireless screen mirrors and smart conference all-in-ones. At the same time, with 17 years of wireless sharing and collaboration experience, we provide you with a variety of wireless Share collaboration solutions to make your meeting room smarter.

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