AWIND takes you to play Airplay/DLNA multi-screen interaction

AWIND takes you to play Airplay/DLNA

The first part of the May Day holiday, and friends to go out together, back home. The videos and photos taken in the past few days were shared with the family! Then I took out my iPhone, turned on my iPhone X10 and HDTV, and used the AirPlayMirroring function on my iPhone to transfer the entire desktop of my iPhone to the HDTV through the iPhone X10. They instantly felt it was worth it.

Multi-screen interaction


We all know that AirPlay is a wireless technology developed by Apple, which can cast pictures, audio, and video from iPhone, iPad, iPodtouch and other iOS devices via WiFi, of course, more or video, but did you know that AirPlay has more awesome features?

AWIND takes you through Airplay/DLNA multi-screen interaction

AirPlay also has a very powerful function, this function is called AirPlay mirroring, with AppleTV this function can be iPhone or iPad screen wireless transmission to the TV, that is to say, your device is what the TV screen display is what, and not limited to pictures and videos. So it is very cool to use this feature to play games, you can take the iPad as a steering wheel, and then watch the big screen to play games.

Multi-screen interaction

AirPlay to put the games from the tablet directly to the TV

Another great thing about AirPlay mirroring is that it allows for dual-screen gaming, giving you more interaction with your games. As you can see in the picture below, the TV shows the game screen, while the iPad shows the game map. There is also a video of the AirPlay experience below.

Multi-screen interaction

Then someone will say, AirPlay is so powerful what do you want ?

That’s because currently, Apple’s AirPlay is only available for certified Apple devices, and the technology is supported by Apple’s own devices including iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, etc.! And the strange machine is able to convert the signal emitted from Apple devices into a signal source shared by multiple devices through the wireless network! If only the multi-screen limitations of Apple devices is not too obvious, so is the strange machine AWIND take you to play Airplay/DLNA multi-screen interaction, regardless of the impact of the device Oh, more high, more cheerful!

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