AWIND begins, not only with screencasting

AWIND begins, not only with screencasting

For young people who have experienced the convenience of technology from their urination, they have replaced the hands-on with technology products, which has created an increase in their online consumption. In terms of consumption concepts, people are more willing to break through the restraints of home. “Spend money to buy time”, from the product concept, the simpler and more convenient the product to use, the more it can meet the “lazy” life needs of consumers, making it more convenient and efficient.

Wireless screen mirroring

Start with screen mirroring

In the past, in order to adapt to the company’s old projectors, a variety of adapter cables had to be prepared: VGA cable, HDMI to VGA cable, DP to VGA, MINIDP to VGA, Apple adapter, TYPE-C, etc. Because middle-aged people’s ability to accept new things and new technologies has undoubtedly become a hindrance. If they are forced to introduce, they would rather not.

Therefore, in the research and development of wireless screen mirroring, AWIND develops USB sender devices according to the user’s screen mirroring needs. The operation is getting easier and simpler. One plug and one click can quickly cast the screen, so as to obtain “middle-aged people”. “The favor of this consumer group. The Awind wireless sharing and collaboration system supports wireless screen projection, breaks through the “wire” system, frees you from the shackles of wiring, and frees your imagination. Mobile phones, computers, and tablets can all be wireless screen mirroring, and meetings need to be eclectic. By connecting the wireless screen projector with the large display screen, it is possible to realize fast screen mirroring of mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and computers.


Not just stop at screen mirroring

The continuous advancement of technology has led to the emergence of more and more wireless screen mirroring equipment products. More and more post-95s and post-00s have become a new force in the wireless screen mirroring market. Young people’s ability to accept new things and new technologies has undoubtedly gained market focus. They prefer a variety of cool gameplay, as long as they don’t need to go through tedious settings every time, like a complex operation in general, the “cool” gameplay that benefits for life is something young people are willing to try and experience.

Wireless screen mirroring

AWIND wireless screen mirroring device supports smart devices of mainstream systems such as Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS to perform wireless screen mirroring, and is compatible with Miracast, Airplay, USBdisplay, Windisplay (self-developed) screen mirroring protocols. It can support multiple smart terminals to display on the same screen wirelessly at the same time, support single screen, dual split screen, four split screen, six split screen, and nine split screen.

The multi-compatibility and super-strong background function of the AWIND wireless screen mirroring device itself is also a highlight in the operation of multicasting and bridging through multiple devices, and the interactive operation of multiple people on the same screen, like the common [one-to-many cast Screen], [Many-to-One Screening] [Many-to-Many Screening], [Remote Multi-party Conference Screening], [Centralized Control and Control], [Flexible Deployment], etc. More and more gameplays are waiting for users to develop .

From a market perspective, the development of wireless screen mirroring must be in line with consumers’ “laziness”. From a product perspective, the development of wireless screen projectors must start with screen mirroring, not just with screen mirroring.

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