Awind A-200 quick wireless conference presentation system

Awind A-200 quick wireless conference presentation system

AWiND A-200 Smart classroom wireless presentation system

Awind A-200 quick wireless conference presentation system allows the conference to quickly share the presentation without cable, no setup, no waiting and direct participation. Users can share content from their laptop or smart mobile device directly on the demo screen with this wireless presentation system.

For example

Small meeting room, when five or six people to a meeting room, facing a big screen, the feeling is already very constrained, so in the equipment placement of the remaining space is even smaller! So what kind of equipment would you use in a small conference room?

Use the AWIND A-200 quick wireless conference presentation system. The AWINDincA-200 quick wireless conference presentation system consists of a USB transmitter [Button] and a receiver box.

Awind A-200 quick wireless conference presentation system usage

1: Connect the receiver box to the large screen in our meeting room using an HDMI cable;

2: Plug the receiving box into the network cable and enter our network.

3: Insert the Button into your computer, laptop, and click the hardware Button or virtual Button of your collaboration application to start the presentation.

Android mobile devices can download ESHOW software as a virtual Button, click to launch APP, select the a-200 ID and start the demo.

IOS smart mobile devices can use the screen mirroring function of IOS. Click the screen mirroring and select the ID of a-200 to start the presentation.It has a-200 quick wireless conference presentation system. It can not only solve the problem of cumbersome and unsightly wiring in the traditional projection meeting room, but also free the distance between the sending end and the receiving end box to a certain extent with the USB sending end [Button]. To some extent, the simple plugging and unplugging of USB interface should avoid the problems of signal instability and picture distortion caused by repeated plugging and unplugging of HDMI interface, and meet the needs of small and medium-sized meeting rooms. No cables, no setup, no waiting, just join in. As you can see from the awind a-200 quick wireless demo system, a conference presentation preparation can be done in less than 5 minutes.

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