Awind A-100 portable wireless conference presentation system

Awind A-100 portable wireless conference presentation system

Wireless conference presentation system is an intuitive, forward-looking meeting room solution that can change the way you deliver presentations and hold meetings. This is a technique developed using a user-centric approach that is extremely simple to use and highly efficient.

The traditional intelligent projection is generally used in a fixed position, even if you move it, you don’t do it very often. The main reason is that its volume is generally relatively large and it is inconvenient to move when using it. Moreover, the micro-projection products that can be carried around are generally too low in brightness, which makes the user’s experience of watching movies very bad.

Awind  A-100 portable wireless conference presentation system is a good solution to the above two problems, not only has a super mini physical constitution, to meet the basic role of wireless sharing, wireless collaboration, but also can well meet the user’s multi-device, multi-system compatibility needs.

Sharing is a basic need.

Awind  A-100 brings the wireless presentation experience to small meeting rooms and meeting spaces, where sharing content from laptops or mobile devices is essential. Anyone, including visitors, can connect and share instantly with a single click, without any training. Users only need to plug a USB powered device into their PC or Mac. When the display light of the USB device comes on and the button of the USB device is pressed, the contents of the laptop, smartphone and tablet can be displayed on the big screen of the meeting room.

Awind  A-100 portable wireless conference presentation system

Support multi-system, multi-device wireless sharing presentation: Android, IOS, Windows, MAC smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers can be used.

LAN and USB interface: LAN interface connection, in the projection of the current, can be connected to the Internet at the same time. The USB interface is plugged in, and the connection is successful within 15 seconds.

Up to 16 people are connected at the same time: more than one person is connected online at the same time to improve the participation and meet the needs of small and medium-sized meetings and families.

Standby screen: standby screen can be changed according to the requirements, we can design a picture as a welcome interface.

Post time: May-14-2020

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