Application of multi-screen office in stock monitoring

Application of multi-screen office in stock monitoring

Application of multi-screen office in stock monitoring

The performance of four-screen stock trading computers is very good. Especially in some securities companies, four-screen computers or six-screen computers are used for office work. However, the traditional way is to connect multi-screen graphics cards with HDMI cables. The focus is on complicated settings. Many computer novices have to ask professional staff for help. Today Xiaobian teaches you how to assemble a four-screen computer in a wireless way, mainly for anyone to use, no need to ask others for help.

Hardware preparation: One computer host [The configuration is better, otherwise you can’t afford a multi-screen graphics card]; a multi-screen graphics card [4-port type], four display screens, 3 wireless screen mirrors [here with AWIND wireless screen mirroring Equipment as an example].

1. Insert the multi-screen graphics card into the main computer box, and don’t rush to seal the main computer cover;

2. Use a traditional HDMI cable to connect a monitor of the computer to form a normal computer [one host with one monitor];

3. Drive multi-screen graphics cards. Ensure that our multi-screen graphics card can run normally on the computer.

4. The HDMI button on the sending end of the wireless screen mirror is plugged into the interface of the multi-screen graphics card, and the display light is on. We drive in [My Computer] and need to drive identification for the first time;

5. Connect the wireless projection box to the other 3 monitors and power on;

6. We press the HDMI button to make sure that the other 3 monitors can perform normal screen mirroring [After pressing the button, the remaining three are blank screens with only desktop backgrounds].

7. Install the host cover.

In this way, we are finished assembling. Even if we turn off all monitors and computers now, and power off. Then turn on all the devices, which is directly a normal computer and 3 additional display screens.

Four-screeApplication of multi-screen office in stock monitoringn computer use:

We have driven a multi-screen graphics card before, and there will be a management software with 1234 and four small windows on it.

We want to use the first screen: mainly as a monitor or husband version of the market, mainly to judge the trend of the market, so leave it alone, so we need to empty the first small window. Because it is the main interface of our computer.

The second screen: mainly monitors some data such as self-selected stocks or custom sections. We first open this data panel on the computer and drag it to the second small window.

Application of multi-screen office in stock monitoring

The third screen: Display K-line, and use it in conjunction with the market to quickly lock the increase list and drag it to the small window No. 3.

The fourth screen: open the trading software to prevent rushing when you need to buy and sell, drag it to the fourth small window.

Close the management window and return to the normal interface of our computer. In this way, we will no longer be afraid of computer power failures [the computers of our friends in stocks never shut down for fear of trouble].

Through the AWIND wireless screen mirroring device, the method of wirelessly assemApplication of multi-screen office in stock monitoringbling a four-screen computer is taught here. Everyone, have you learned it?

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