Apple iPad screen to macbook, Windows computers

Apple iPad screen to macbook, Windows computers

The screen projection function of Apple iPad is the same as that of apple mobile phone. The device has Airplay screen image function. Today, I would like to introduce two methods of screen projection for Apple iPad, Mac and Windows computers.

Wireless projection prerequisite: in the same LAN environment.

Apple’s iPad screens Macs

Use Apple’s own Airserver software, which needs to be downloaded online and installed on the MAC.

First of all, you need to install and launch Airserver software on the MAC side. The specific page will not appear, but the small icon of Airserver will appear in the navigation bar.

Then open “Control Center” on Apple iPad, and you will see “screen image”. Click it, and a connected MAC device will appear. Click to connect successfully.

Finally, you can see the iPad screen on your computer.

Apple’S iPad screens Windows computers

Since the screen image of Apple devices is always the function of multi-screen interaction between its own products, it is not compatible with Android and Windows systems, so media, screen projection software or screen projection devices are needed.

Screen software

Just install software on your PC and tablet, such as screen projector, Lebo screen Projector, Ace Assistant… Wait, these days, screen projection software is like cabbages, there are free, there is a charge, but the effect, you like it.

Screen equipment

As a professional cross-screen device, you only need to connect the receiver box to the computer through THE HDMI cable, and then open the “Control Center” on apple iPad to see the “screen image”. Click and the name of the connected wireless screen projection device will appear. Click and the connection will be successful.

Note: If you only have a personal Apple iPad, you can choose to use software, which is free of money. If it is for office work or for effect, it is recommended to use a professional wireless screen projection device.

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