Is there a difference between AirPlay and screen mirroring?

Is there a difference between AirPlay and screen mirroring?

For the IOS11 official version updated not long ago, Airplay also officially has a Chinese name “screen mirroring”! The most obvious adjustment was made to the control panel after the update. Here we will find a very obvious button. Screen mirroring, it occupies two frames, click will automatically search the wifi support TV and other devices.

 AirPlay and screen mirroring

Multi-screen interaction

So how does screen mirroring work?

All you need is your phone and projector connected to the same wifi, and you can wirelessly cast your screen. Screen mirroring is required with appletv in foreign countries, and is not available for smart TVs outside of Apple. But in the country appletv (Apple set-top box) and not listed. So Apple’s powerful screen mirroring can’t be used?

Of course not, “Airplay and Airplay2 these TVs are supported”.

AWIND editor here to emphasize: this time Apple does not give regret medicine, after the update can not be back!

From Airplay to screen mirroring what has been experienced? Airplay2 this update mainly has push mode, reverse control mode, multi-screen interactive way to change

Is there a difference between AirPlay and screen mirroring

Multi-screen interaction

Where is Airplay2 push mode?

Apple also has a push mode, which is different from mirroring, which is simply casting the audio or video to the TV. Wireless phones are always on the same screen. After turning on the switch, all the audio on the phone pushed to the TV, the phone can be turned off, very user-friendly. It can also be used with Apple’s wireless headphones, wireless speakers. Control center slide up, click the button as shown below, you can call up the airplay push.

Reverse control mode: Our cell phone screen casting is small screen casting to the big screen, and then use the small screen to control the big screen, Airplay2 can control the big screen to control the small screen, you know the reverse control more can always be the selling point of business screen casting.

Multi-screen interaction: Airplay’s multi-screen interaction is the interaction of IOS’s own products, but the principle is the push of local resources, but Airplay2 is to get account information, so multi-screen interaction, more confidential.

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