Advantages of wireless screen casting compared to wired connection

Advantages of wireless screen casting compared to wired connection

Whenever we talk about wireless screen casting, many people always think that wireless screen casting has high latency and poor stability because of the concept …… The main reason is that in the previous 2G and 3G network era, the reason of network limitation of screen casting HD video, PPT slides, etc. are because of higher latency, lagging, resulting in wireless screen casting has been marginalized.

Advantages of wireless screen casting

Advantages of wireless screen casting compared with wired connection

With the emergence of 4G and 5G communication technology, wireless screen casting technology, which has been restricted by the network, has advanced by leaps and bounds. Wireless screen casting equipment through wireless transmission technology and wireless network as a carrier, can realize multiple people switch screen, support real-time HD video playback, PPT presentation and other functions, wireless screen casting began to take charge of the “business and education field” multi-screen interaction.

Advantages of wireless screen casting

Advantages of wireless screen casting relative to wired connection

Wireless screen casting – get rid of the “line system”

The application of wireless projection screen technology gets rid of the messy cable bondage, which not only ensures the beauty of the conference room, but also makes the conference room become high; it also meets the desire of each participant to demonstrate freely. The various cables and connectors of the traditional conference room …… have been making the preparation time of the meeting too long. After the wireless projection screen, in addition to some essential cables, the overall aesthetic rose to a new level.

Advantages of wireless casting screen relative to wired connection

Wireless screen casting – free presentation

The development of wireless screen casting technology, progress, especially the emergence of screen back control technology, let us completely say goodbye to the traditional “take turns to occupy the seat”, “buried in the hard work” form of the meeting. In the conference room with a wireless screen, the presentation staff can be free to demonstrate on the computer, cell phone, tablet, or even display screen.

Wireless screen casting – real-time shareability

Wireless screen casting equipment is to take the form of wireless WIFI instead of the traditional cable, so IT engineers usually build it and bridge it into the company’s LAN, so that it can be connected with the same LAN computers, laptops and other office equipment, which can easily control the work of screen casting in the conference room, and easily realize one-to-one, many-to-one, and one-to-many wireless screen casting solutions.

Wireless Screen Casting – Save Meeting Costs

What is the cost of a meeting? That’s right, it’s time. And it is the time of each participant. If ten people attend a meeting and delay an hour, it’s a waste of ten hours for the business.

Advantages of wireless screen casting over wired connection

Wireless screen casting not only saves the preparation time before the meeting, but also saves a lot of time in the meeting. For example: round table, speech, classroom and other occasions, the data of different speakers are stored in different notebooks, in the use of wired projection by the restrictions of the connection, frequent replacement of notebooks …… using wireless casting screen does not have these problems, the last presentation is completed, the next presentation, the screen flashes, and TV sets to switch programs As simple as switching programs on a TV.

Whether in conference rooms, training rooms or school teachers, the shadow of wireless screen casting technology has become very common, wireless technology to replace the traditional cable. From a philosophical point of view, it is the inevitable result of something new replacing something old.

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