How to cast screen from computer to TV

How to cast screen from computer to TV

It’s already easy to cast your computer to TV, install a screen casting software, use Miracast protocol to cast directly, especially with the Win10 update, there is a good degree of support for Miracast, we seem to forget that once popular way to cast screen DLNA push?

How to cast screen from computer to TV

How to cast screen from computer to TV


DLNA cast screen, in fact, most of the electronic products have this function, just do not know many people; now almost all the smart TVs on the market also support DLNA, through DLNA settings can achieve the interconnection of computer and TV, the computer content cast screen to the TV, including video, music, pictures, etc..

It must be emphasized that the main advantage of DLNA push is in video and music, that is, the type of streaming media. The prerequisite is to be on the same LAN.

Local video DLNA casting

For example: computer and TV are connected to the same router, the computer needs to cast local resources

to the TV screen, just right click and select [Play] – [Play to Device] – [Select TV Name].

Why my computer and TV are on the same LAN, but I can’t DLNA cast screen?

That’s because when you installed the system, the [Streaming Media] function was turned off, and you need to turn it on in the computer system.

To turn on [Streaming] on your computer.

Open the computer, select “Network and Internet” in the “Control Panel” or “Desktop”, then click “Network and Sharing Center”, click to open, the settings page will pop up, select “Streaming Media Options”, click to turn on streaming media, that is, click the “Enable Streaming Media” button, and then set all the states to “Allowed”, then click “Confirm” and exit.

Online video DLNA cast screen

Now many video software is with [TV] logo in order to cast screen, but some PC playback video software is not so, like Xunlei look, Storm Sound and other classic video playback software, right click in the playback interface, [select DLNA] – [play to the device] – [select the name of the TV] can be. Tencent Video’s DLNA cast screen is at the bottom of the playback interface, with DLNA icon.

Summary: In terms of streaming media resources, DLNA casting method is much higher than Miracast multi-screen interaction and Airplay screen mirroring in terms of clarity and smoothness.

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