Tender for wireless screen mirrors

Tender for wireless screen mirrors

User requirements

(1) Support the full range of cell phones, tablets, computers, all-in-one computers and electronic electric board and other formats file video and audio wireless synchronous transmission to the (HDMI and VGA) display and intelligent system of the display (including cell phones, tablets, computers, all-in-one computers, electronic whiteboards), support multiple computers to the gateway at the same time, the presenter can always call switch multiple computers wireless same screen projection and management operations.

(2) Support the gateway and display devices without HDMI or VGA cable connection.

(3) support conference room control function, standby screen customization, can be connected to a wireless mouse to achieve remote control screen and whiteboard wireless transmission.

The above requirements are the wireless screen casting bidding requirements sent by a user today. It looks like a lot of requirements, but in the eyes of professional screen casters manufacturers its requirements are very simple.

Tender for wireless screen mirrors

Wireless screen projector

User requirements analysis

1, the need for VGA and HDMI interface output.

2, support multi-screen display.

3、Have Windows background management system.

4, wireless screen casting.

5, support conference room control function.

6, support for custom standby screen;.

7, support for wireless mouse to achieve remote control.

Listed out seems to be a lot, but in fact it does not require much, in the powerful function of professional-grade screen projector, we just need to meet the multi-screen display, the rest of the parameters are professional-grade screen projector comes with the function, just the normal standard. Just like when we buy a computer, we need the computer to be able to change the desktop wallpaper and browse the web.

WP2200 Wireless Screen Projector

Recommended product solutions

In view of this: I give a recommendation AWIND strange machine A-810 (conference series 4 screen projector) and WP2200 (education series 4 split screen) screen projector, and give the relevant bidding, bid control information.

AWIND  as a 17 years of wireless screen thrower manufacturers, our customers are all over the country, all walks of life. Bidding companies like this request us to provide product parameters to assist in bidding is also a common occurrence. At the same time also welcome the dealers to join hands to win.

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