Wireless projection equipment AWIND Taiwan brand

Wireless projection equipment AWIND Taiwan brand

As introduced on our company website, AWIND was established in 2013 and is headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, focusing on wireless projection, digital home, cell phone tablet wireless projection, wireless sharing and interactive collaboration.

The new wave of digital transformation with cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobility and intelligence as the core is now. In the future, the scale of mobile Internet users and the number of IoT devices access will be massive. It seems that everything is changing from “wired” to “wireless”.

The most direct change of wireless projection equipment is to change the status quo of all projection connected with wires. Wireless replaces wired and is compatible with wired transmission for projection.

Wireless projection equipment AWIND Taiwan brand
The disadvantages of wired projection equipment are obvious, in addition to the many inconveniences caused by complicated wiring and cumbersome operation, the adaptability of different signal source interfaces can also bring a lot of unnecessary trouble, often plugging and unplugging, the interface is prone to all kinds of poor contact. awind strange machine wireless projection equipment in the use of wireless projection at the same time, but also to these old equipment to take a compatible possible.

(Odd machine certainly know that most of the equipment on the market now can only wireless projection, but AWIND odd machine still choose to improve product compatibility, odd machine equipment is also with a jack for the original equipment to use, on the one hand, to improve the use of old equipment, on the other hand, in the absence of network environment emergency)

AWIND still adhere to the principle that everything starts from the needs of the user, the development of product features are more practical.

Wireless projection equipment AWIND Taiwan brand

Image and video casting function

Through high-quality wireless screen casting products can be connected to cell phones and other display devices in a wireless way. In business meetings, home movie watching and other times when screen sharing is needed, you can synchronize the output of files to the big screen by simply casting the screen.

Support multi-screen casting

The main market of AWIND is in business meetings and multimedia classrooms, support for multi-screen display and multi-person screen casting is a necessary function. Demand determines the direction of product development, the current AWIND strange machine products support multiple simultaneous screen casting, 4 split screen display (can be centralized control) and 9 split screen display (9 split grid display).

Screen counter-control (can cancel counter-control cell phone)

In the PC computer / tablet, etc. as the signal output end, we can directly counter-control on the big screen. That is, in front of the presenter in front of the big screen, by operating the big screen, the screen of our offstage PC computer, tablet will also follow the synchronization with the big screen. But in order to protect privacy, our screen counter-control function can cancel the control of the cell phone. Otherwise, what about a private message when the mobile phone is projected for demonstration, and what about a sudden phone call?

Remote control function

After the stable performance of wireless screen casting is installed and used, it can turn the phone into a remote control, which can easily realize the control of the TV. Therefore, you don’t need to use the TV remote control when you turn the page, fast forward, select the program and other operations, just gently swipe on the phone to complete, which makes the file sharing easy and more convenient.


Two-way transmission

Wireless projection products can realize two-way transmission of images between cell phones and other terminals, which can be used as both the sender and the receiver of projection, and can be operated with just one key when converting.

Wireless projection device and non-wireless projection device connection principle.

Wireless projection equipment can be connected and put into use with any type of brand of projection instrument, relying mainly on connection with VGA (because some older equipment does not support the network).

The same is true for PC computers and other devices without a wireless network card, which can be connected by wire. (No network environment emergency use).

Wireless projection equipment AWIND Taiwan brand

Principle of being able to project wirelessly.

AWIND strange machine wireless projection device itself is a wireless gateway, after connecting its power will transmit a wireless LAN, in the same local area network environment of the device, our laptops, smart phones and other devices through the wireless WIFI connection can be wirelessly cast screen. (For security, set both static password and dynamic password)

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