Is multi-screen interactive app for android worth having?

Is multi-screen interactive app for android worth having?

Speaking of screen casting software, APP, we think of those? Le broadcast cast screen, TencentTV, Xiaomi cast screen magic, ApowerMirror, Airplay (itools Apple recording screen master) Aiki, MIGU video and so on! I don’t know when, it seems that as long as you can use the phone to watch TV APP can cast screen, like Google (GoogleCast) and other browsers can cast screen. Cell phones can cast screen became as common as cabbage in the food market.

Is multi-screen interactive app for android worth having

Why casting screen technology has become so common?

1, most of the cast screen APP are using [Miracast] technology, Miracast is launched by the WIFI Alliance, based on the open system of Android, resulting in a lot of companies have this technology.

2, cast screen APP by nature, belongs to the gray industry, driven by high interests, many APP businessmen opened all to the money of the mad rush mode.

3, the supervision of the regulatory authorities. Broadcasters are only responsible for issuing license certificates, and there is no law enforcement, so in this section of the regulation of screen casting software, is still a gap, on the specific how to manage, how to implement the implementation, there is still no solution.

APP screen casting software has the advantage of being “free” to use, which attracts a large number of users, but I still want to say a word here.

Casting screen software, multi-screen interactive APP love you hard !!!!

Casting screen APP is a gray industry

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has also taken the position that in the field of Internet TV, if companies try to cast screen through the network, directly to the cell phone video, put into the TV of this behavior, is not in line with the relevant Internet TV management policy. Regarding the Internet TV screen casting application, the joint operator must have an Internet TV license to do so, otherwise it is a violation.

For example, “Kangaroo Remote” (the defendant) and Youku (the plaintiff) went to court because Kangaroo Remote played the movie “War Wolf 2” without authorization and the copyright was in Youku’s hands.

Screen Casting App has Privacy Problems

For example, MIGU Video APP has more than 40 permissions, including reading address book, modifying address book, listening to newly installed applications, reading call logs, writing call logs, reading calendar events and confidential information, and most importantly, this APP can also force The most critical thing is that this app can also force the phone to restart, restore the system to factory settings, clear the SD card content, and even have the permission requirements of the human body sensor.

The Baidu App is a search engine that requires consent for 32 permissions. So the privacy of this piece we can only trust the regulators, all cell phone APP is the king of terms, you want to use must agree to my terms, do not agree not to use. As ordinary users, we have no right to speak at all.

Casting screen software, multi-screen interactive APP love you hard

Why business meetings, school multimedia classrooms do not use APP cast screen? For two reasons, on the one hand, business meetings, multimedia classrooms need to cast more screen function, the general APP software is not enough to meet the demand, on the other hand, is also the security and confidentiality issues.

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