Apple iOS13 unveiled, tvOS system screen mirroring more convenient

Apple iOS13 unveiled, tvOS system screen mirroring more convenient

At 10 a.m. on June 3, Apple’s 2019 WWDC Worldwide Developers Conference was officially held at the San Jose Convention Center in the U.S. iOS version 12 has certain flaws, especially for older models despite the official patch to solve them, but users still don’t quite recognize version 12. Today we look at iOS13 together to bring us what new features or new changes it.

2019 WWDC released a series of hardware and software, launched iOS13 system, brought a thousand calls for dark mode, as well as privacy protection new features. In addition, the tvOS system is able to support Xbox and Playstation, allowing gamers to enjoy games on AppleTV. watchOS, which has a separate app store, adds more fitness and health features to the Apple Watch. iPadOS, which is independent from iOS, adds more new features to the iPad.

TvOS system is more convenient to mirroring screen

Both Airplay and Airplay2 are very unfriendly to screen casting, and the protocols ring the powerful and fun features of screen casting and multi-screen interaction can only be used in IOS’ own devices. tvOS can support Xbox and Playstation, allowing gamers to enjoy the fun of playing games on the big screen on AppleTV. Apple TV replaces the watch movie and TV function inside iTunes, so in the future, we no longer need to look for software and cast screen APP when casting screen and multi-screen interaction, but directly in Apple TV + Airplay can have a good time.

Six major highlights from the 2019 WWDC Apple iOS13 conference.

1. iOS establishes new standards for privacy protection and introduces dark mode

The first is to add the “share only once” function to all kinds of apps that ask for geolocation permission, so that users can share geolocation only once with an app and not again.

Some apps, when users refuse to share geolocation information, will use Bluetooth, wifi and other cross-matching methods to obtain users’ geolocation information, Apple introduced the “wifi and Bluetooth protection function” to prevent the abuse of such functions and permissions.

In addition, Apple has challenged Facebook and Google’s consistent practice of sharing user data to third-party websites using account logins.

When users use various websites and social networks, they often use the options “Login with Facebook, Login with Google, etc. In this case, the user’s username, email address and other personal data are shared with third-party websites.

In response to this practice, Apple has introduced “Login with Apple”.

When logging in with Apple, you can choose not to share your email address, or even share a randomly generated email address, in order to more strictly protect your personal information.

In addition, Dark Mode finally debuts in iOS 13. Apple Maps has also received a major update. The new Maps adds a Lookaround viewport. You can see the 3D street view. You can see reviews of stores on the street by clicking on them. The new map will be launched in the whole United States at the end of 2019, and other countries will have to wait for 2020.

Apple iOS13 unveiled, tvOS system screen mirroring more convenient

2, MacPro professional Apple computer, priced from $5,999

The MacPro Professional Apple Computer was the one that received the most cheers and applause at the conference.

MacPro is Apple’s high-grade desktop computer for professionals, which has not been updated for years, but this update brought a lot of surprises to the audience.

The main body is designed in stainless steel and includes handles for easy handling. The processor supports 28-core Intel ZeonW and 32G of memory supports up to 1.5 trillion floating point operations. It supports 3 simultaneous 8K video and 12 4k video playback.

Because this device is so high performance, power consumption is also an amazing 1.4kw power supply, there are three fans in the main body to provide cooling for it at the same time. The price starts at $5,999 and goes on sale this fall.

To go along with this MacPro, Apple has also launched the ProDisplayXDR display.

This display is a 6K retina display with 120 million pixels and a 1 million:1 contrast ratio. It can reach a daily brightness of 1000 nits and a peak of 1600 nits. The price starts at $4,999.

In addition, the stand for this monitor is sold separately for $999. The stand has many holes on the back for heat dissipation, allows the display to move and rotate, and even supports vertical screens. The stand and display can also be removed.

In addition to the expensive price, the MacPro’s appearance is very much like a silk polisher, which also triggered netizens to troll.

3, iPadOS let iPad support USB and SD card

iPadOS was released so that iPad no longer shares the same system with iPhone from now on, and is no longer a big iPhone, but has more powerful functions.

The new iPadOS allows iPad to support multitasking, fast task switching, split screen display, etc., and support folder sharing.

What’s more, the new system allows iPad to finally support USB port and SD card, and users can import photos directly from the camera from now on.

4. tvOS allows AppleTV to support Xbox and Playstation

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage and first showed a trailer for the new TV series ForAllMankind produced by Apple’s TV content service AppleTV+. After the trailer, Cook personally introduced the AppleTV-enabled tvOS system.

The new system allows Apple TV to support multi-user use and can generate different playlists for different family members. In addition, it supports music dynamic lyrics playback and 4KHDR. more importantly, it supports Xbox and Playstation, allowing game lovers to enjoy games on AppleTV.

5, watchOS adds independent app store

With the new watchOS operating system, Apple Watch can no longer install apps through iPhone, but adds its own standalone app store. In the standalone store, a series of fitness and health features are of great interest. For example: it can be used in 90 and 360 day increments and will give the user tips on health. Hearing health is also a new feature added this time, allowing you to use the watch to detect decibel levels around you, learn more about noise, and more. A series of operations seem to make the Apple Watch more relevant to life.

6, Goodbye iTunes

The new version of Apple computer system macOS Catalina (macOSCatalina) was launched. But with it, iTunes, which was introduced in 2011 and has been with Apple users for 18 years, was announced to enter the history stage from then on. iTunes’ functions will be divided into three, which will be done by AppleMusic, Podcast and AppleTV together.

The disappointment behind the highlights

Apple’s iOS13 debut, MacPro’s new dark mode, but Apple’s traditional marketing methods still inevitably disappoint some users, for example: Apple decided to refuse to update all devices below iPhone7 models, including iPhone6S, 6SPuls, 6, iPhone5S, SE and other models, which means that these models will no longer enjoy the update This means that these models will no longer be eligible for updates, forcing these users to give up. The love-hate relationship for the fruit machine is really hard to say ah.

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