How to screen mirror on non smart tv?

How to screen mirror on non smart tv

Today, a netizen asked me on the website, what should I do if the TV does not support screen projection? Does it mean that mobile phone projection is not allowed?

Mobile phone screen

In recent years, mobile phone projection TV is the basic gameplay. Even if the TV is a big screen, the support or non-support has nothing to do with our projection. It’s just that the supported TVs are more convenient for screencasting on mobile phones, and those that are not supported are more troublesome, nothing more.

What should I do if the TV does not support projection? We classify TVs that do not support direct projection into two categories.

1. The LCD TV that can be plugged into the network cable


For this kind of TV that can plug in a network cable but does not support projection, you only need to install projection software on the TV. The current video APP platforms all support the screen projection function. Youtube B station…there is also a software for screen projection, such as AirPinCast, Lebo…

As long as the projection software is installed on both the TV and the mobile phone, it is easy to wirelessly project the mobile phone screen or programs to the TV.

2. Non smart  TV sets that cannot be plugged into the network cable

How to screen mirror on non smart tv

For this kind of TV, we can only choose hardware equipment for mobile phone projection TV. Such as AWIND wireless screen projector.

1. Connect the wireless projector box to the TV through HDMI cable or VGA cable;

2. Plug the wireless projection box into the network cable and enter the network;

3. Just connect the wireless projection ID to the wireless projection of Android phones; select the ID of the wireless projection box for screen mirroring on Apple phones.

Through the AWIND wireless projection device, when there is no network, Android phones can connect to the device’s WIFI, and Android phones can wirelessly project local audio and video to the TV. When there is no network, the iPhone can connect to WIFI at the same time. Our device casts the screen, and the other party can also connect to the 4G network to surf the Internet.

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