Can you screen mirror without WIFI? After using a wireless screen mirroring device, you can do it!

Can you screen mirror without WIFI? After using a wireless screen mirroring device, you can do it!

After using the wireless screen mirroring device, the screen mirroring is not restricted by the network. After using the AWIND wireless screen mirroring device, if we only project the screen from a short distance [within 15 meters], we can completely get rid of the restriction of the network. The AWIND wireless screen mirroring comes with AP hotspot. Our smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets can connect to the AP of the wireless screen mirroring device. Computers, MACs, cameras and other devices can cast screens through dedicated USB/HDMI hardware transmitters.

Can you screen mirror without WIFI?

AWIND Qiji (full name: Shenzhen Qiji Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.) was established in 2003. The company is headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It mainly produces and develops wireless projectors for business meeting rooms, multimedia classrooms, and smart classrooms. The corporate tenet is “all from the user’s point of view”-for example: Bank needs, AWIND odd machine has a special vertical screen projector, smart classrooms mostly need multi-screen synchronization, AWIND odd machine has WIPG education series of screen projectors.

Casting screens without the Internet is also a common situation in business meeting rooms. Demand is equivalent to a market. AWIND will try to solve this problem.

ipad screen to computer

After using a wireless screen mirroring device, screen mirroring is not restricted by the network

Screen projection connection method without internet

1. Connect the receiver box of the wireless screen mirror to the display screen through an HDMI cable, and power on the wireless screen mirror;

2. The AP hotspot of smart phones and tablets connected to the wireless screen mirroring device [AWIND wireless projector comes with AP hotspot, even if there is no network, it does not matter];

3. Android phones and tablets-settings-more connections-multi-screen interaction-complete the screen mirroring from the phone to the large display [screen mirroring function of the Android phone], or use the ESHOW independently developed by AWIND The screen mirroring software is the same.

Apple mobile phone, tablet-screen mirroring-complete the screen projection from the mobile phone to the large display screen [the projection function of the Apple mobile phone];

Computers, laptops, and MACs use USB buttons or HDMI buttons. Plug the USB buttons into the computer. When the USB button indicator light is always on, press the button to complete the multi-screen interaction from the computer to the large screen. (PS: If a Windows computer has a wireless connection function, such as a notebook or a wireless network card, it can also be directly connected to the wireless screen projector WIFI, and then use the ESHOW sender to project the screen, and it is not limited to hardware transmission)

Apple mobile phones, computers and other devices have always been able to mirror the screen without the network. This upgrade is mainly to allow Android phones to also enjoy screen mirroring without the network. For AWIND odd machine, it is only a technical aspect. The breakthrough is more convenient for users and get rid of the trouble of screen projection without WIFI network.

Reminder: screen mirroring without setting up a local area network, the local audio, video, PPT and other resources of the screen mirroring will not freeze, but if the screen mirroring is the network online resource, it is restricted by the 4G network.

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